With the advent of NFTs, content creators have found a new way to make money from their work. However, it’s true that it’s not as easy as it sounds; if it were, anyone would be a millionaire. So if you’re an artist or other content creator, you’ll need to learn some marketing strategies in order to sell NFT.

Below, we’ll explain why you should showcase your project on social media, and how you can effectively sell your NFTs. Whether you’re a digital artist or another type of content creator, the one secret we’re going to share with you is knowing where to find your audience. But read on, and you’ll see everything in detail.

Your own blog

Maybe you just want to dedicate yourself to painting or drawing and you don’t think a blog can help you. You are wrong. You can create a blog about the day-to-day creation of your work. People will love to see how your projects are progressing, the behind the scenes of your work. Artists will feel identified and see you as a reference, potential buyers will get to know you better and it will be easier for them to buy your work because they already know it.

Use the blog to write using your keywords such as, for example, art, artist or the technique you work with. When users search for them on Google, they find your blog and come to you. It can be a simple blog or a website with several sections such as who you are, contact, portfolio, and even a store.

NFT groups

When it comes to content creation and how to promote my NFTs, self-promotion is key to gain popularity. That’s why community platforms such as Reddit, Twitter, Discord, Quora, etc. can be of great help. Use all possible channels and do not miss the opportunity to popularize your project through word-of-mouth.

The main advantage of joining NFT groups is that you will be able to connect with people interested in this type of projects from the beginning. And besides serving as a promotion, NFT communities are also a good option to receive opinions and feedback about your project.


Instagram is the ever-growing social network and it’s perfect for you. Such a visual and dedicated photography app will allow your work to reach the world. Your bio is important, but so is the content you put online.

Share photos of your work, but also of the process: you paint, draw the sketch or finish the work. Go to art shows and events and take photos of yourself there, we want to know you love art and are opening up to your colleagues, even taking photos with them.

Use the 30 hashtags that Instagram allows per photo. Put the hashtags in the first comment of the photo so they go unnoticed by your followers but not by the app’s algorithm. Here are some hashtags you can use: #NFTart #NFTartist #NFTartoftheday #NFTartistic #illustration #painting #instaart #instaartist and, of course, #saishoart.


More people than you can imagine belong to at least one of the Discord Cryptocurrency groups, and this platform has become the favorite place for many to share experiences, interesting facts and even some NFT games. Beyond being a platform to share fun experiences with online games, Discord has become of great importance for marketing, news and gathering large communities.

In this sense, on Discord, you can find groups of everything from environmental advocates to fandoms to news and economic advice. For example, large cryptoasset investors prefer to read their group members first before taking a risk without clear market context.


The social network Twitter is one of the most popular among users. It is estimated that this platform has at least 353 million monthly active users, which places it in the top 3 most used by the community.

The platform of the little blue bird has unveiled a new update that pioneers the use of NFTs in social networks, explicitly in its operation, since now you can make use of these non-transferable objects, as a way to place the main image of the profile, so Twitter wins the race to NFTs.


If you don’t have an artist page on Facebook, you can do so as soon as you finish reading this article. If you want to sell art, this is one of the cheapest options. It’s fine if you upload your art to your personal profile, but you need a page to reach everyone you want. Remember that your friends’ profile only allows you a maximum of 5,000 contacts, so don’t put any limits on your art.

Performing direct marketing campaigns

On the other hand, direct communication is essential to connect with your followers, so I recommend you investigate how to do an AMA. For this, live broadcasts where users can leave their questions and get answers is an excellent option. In addition to promoting the project, you can also provide more context and background on the project.

As expected, you should set the date of the live broadcast in advance and open a space for users to submit their questions. Select a list with the most interesting questions, but also assign a section at the end for them to ask their questions live. As an extra, you can hold a raffle among the viewers of the transmission to encourage them.

Collaborate with influencers

Collaborations with influencers are a great strategy to promote any project, including NFTs, because of their large follower base and the way their opinions are heard. Collaborations can be beneficial for both parties, who will benefit from cross-connections.

They can influence their audience in your favor, by connecting you to their communities. In addition, the user has the opportunity to provide constructive criticism and connect with artists and influencers. Of course, it’s not enough to choose just any influencer, and it’s best to collaborate with the one who already knows what NFT is in marketing.

Email marketing

Create an email list of buyers, potential investors, your social media followers, or blog subscribers. Send them your portfolio from time to time, adding new works. You can attach some sort of discount or a more personalized detail. This way you know they will read you, as they will see your email regularly.

Avoid spamming or annoying the users who will receive the email, as this will have a negative effect. A very creative weekly or bi-weekly email is perfect to let them know you exist but without annoying or boring them. Don’t forget to put something attractive in the subject line so they will click on the link, avoid the word “free” or capital letters as it will end up in the spam folder.

Choose the right channel

Finally, you also need to ask yourself where to share my NFT? Knowing the channels available to promote your project is essential to implementing the right marketing strategy. There are many marketplaces out there, so you will need to do a comparison and know how to sell my NFT work on each one.

On the one hand, there is the issue of commissions, which can range from 2.5% to 15%. Other numbers to compare are market volume and liquidity, as these are indicators of the popularity of the site. Of course, don’t forget to check the overall experience of the platform, its functions, and features, as well as its benefits for artists and users.

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