PROOF Collective proudly presents ‘Moonbirds: Diamond Exhibition‘ — a grand showcase of 10,000 digital art pieces from 12 NFT artists — in less than two weeks.

  • ‘Moonbirds: Diamond Exhibition’ will feature 10,000 pieces of art from 12 NFT artists, including Beeple, Dirty Robot, and Gossamer Rozen, on April 27.
  • Alongside the drop, the OG NFT project is hosting two unique events for Moonbirds holders — Beeple LIVE Everyday NFT.NYC Party and the Early Summer Gallery.
  • The exhibition aims to honor the most dedicated Moonbirds collectors. Hence, providing Moonbirds’ diamond members with state-of-the-art benefits and experiences.

Moonbirds: Diamond Exhibition—About the Grand Showcase

‘Moonbirds: Diamond Exhibition’ is designed to celebrate the most loyal NFT holders who have achieved the prestigious “Diamond Nest” status.

The NFTs showcase numerous editions, series, and generative pieces, created by some of the most skilled NFT artists: Beeple, Dirty Robot, Gossamer Rozen, Justin Mezzell, Linda Dounia, Mindz.eye, 0xdgb, Summer Wagner, Terrell Jones, and tiffatron.

The OG NFT project took to Twitter to announce its new drop alongside other perks:

Additionally, PROOF is arranging two real-life experiences for art enthusiasts. First, the Beeple LIVE Everyday NFT.NYC Party on April 13. This event allows attendees to network with fellow Moonbird members. Moreover, they can observe the making of Beeple’s most famous piece, “Everydays: the First 5000 Days“, and meet the iconic face-to-face.

Collectors can also attend the Early Summer Gallery — a physical exhibition displaying works from the 22 participating artists. The Gallery provides a unique opportunity to appreciate the art intimately and interact with all NFT artists behind the masterpieces.

To wrap things up, the Moonbirds Diamond Exhibition is a celebration of creativity, art, and loyalty in the ever-growing market.

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