Celebrating the 30th anniversary of BAPE, Adidas Original has laced up with the renowned Japanese brand to create limited edition NFTs with physical sneaker counterparts.

The debut is initially kickstarting on August 22 on Adidas Collect for just 74 hours, starting at $550 (0.3 ETH)!

Quick Takes: 

  • Adidas Originals x BAPE is set to launch sneaker NFTs with physical counterparts.
  • The digital assets’ tangible twins will be redeemable to all sneakerheads on September 26.
  • Collectors can scan the tongue of the Adidas x BAPE Forum Low 84 Triple White sneakers to access upcoming ALTS avatars.

Adidas Originals’ Blockchain-Based Steps

Adidas Originals x BAPE’s ‘Fresh Forum’ sneaker debut will conduct via an auction of 100 NFTs in collaboration with Moonpay on Adidas Connect. The launch will host a revolutionary — and currently mysterious — new drop format: ‘The Forum Launderette’.

Members can redeem the Adidas x BAPE Forum Low 84 Triple White sneakers on September 26. Once receiving their pair of tangible shoes in October, sneakerheads can scan the tongue of their left sneaker with their mobile devices, whereby an NFT chip (ERC721) lies, to gain access to upcoming Adidas ALTS avatars.

Although only 100 digital twins are initially up for grabs, there are 250 Fresh Forum NFTs in total. 150 of these assets are designated for marketing initiatives (product seeing). For this reason, the artworks and traits of these non-fungible collectibles are distinct to ensure differentiation.

Nonetheless, each NFT opens access to one pair of physical, stylish sneakers. The NFT access passes are also tradeable for Web3 enthusiasts wanting to capitalize on this fashion-forward venture.

From limited-edition digital twins to the mysterious ‘Forum Launderette’, this Adidas x BAPE release ensoles the essence of exclusivity, style, and the charm of the unknown.

Already, sneakerheads and digital enthusiasts are anticipating this exciting, innovative experience merging fashion and blockchain technology, and it’s no wonder.

ALTS Soles holders will also be granted extra perks!

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