Adidas is on a mission to pioneer fashion innovation, launching its “Indigo Herz Pack” tomorrow. The NFT Bored Ape-inspired collection features Superstar shoes and hoodies, classic design elements, and state-of-the-art technology.

Quick Takes: 

  • Adidas is on a mission to pioneer fashion innovation with its “Indigo Herz Pack” — an NFT-inspired collection featuring Superstar shoes and hoodies with the famous Indigo Herz character.
  • The Pack ties in with the brand’s “Into the Metaverse” NFT project — emphasizing Adidas’ commitment to exploring technology, fashion, and gaming intersections.
  • NFT holders can enjoy priority access to the launch, Adidas’s Web3 ecosystem, and token-gated experiences.

What the Indigo Herz Pack Brings to Web3 

Adidas is no stranger to delving into the convergence of technology, fashion and gaming through its “Into the Metaverse” NFT project. Already, this initiative offers limited-edition NFTs which open the doors to exclusive content, fashion attire, virtual events, and more.

However, to expand on NFT-fashion advantages, the brand is launching its “Indigo Herz Pack” tomorrow. The collection includes 2145 Superstar shoes and 2195 hoodies, inspired by the respected NFT, Indigo Herz.

The German shoe manufacturer shared the good news about tomorrow’s debut on Twitter:

Holders of Adidas NFTs “ALTS” will have priority access to an Indigo Herz Pack. On May 5, they can purchase their own Pack via the Adidas website, app, and select stores around the globe.

The launch of the Indigo Her Pack further solidifies a move towards newer and more exciting projects.

Holders will also have exclusive access to Adidas’ Web3 ecosystem and can enjoy more token-gated experiences. Again, highlighting the brand’s commitment to bridging from Web2 to Web3.

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