Mojo Melee is an NFT game built on the Ethereum scaling network Polygon. In the recent partnership announcement, Amazon has joined forces with Mojo Melee to offer free Polygon NFTs for Amazon Prime subscribers. Players can use these NFTs as the in-game currency on Mojo Melee for their characters.

Quick Takes:

  • Amazon Prime collaborates with Mojo Melee to provide in-game currency to gamers on Mojo Melee.
  • The collaboration offers free packages to Prime subscribers to avail of in-game currency, NFTs, and ores.
  • The partnership is for six months with additional monthly drops.

What are the Features of the Amazon Prime NFT?

The Amazon Prime Gaming portal will provide free packages to users who create new accounts on Mojo Melee. Moreover, the new player can avail in-game currency and NFT for a champion character Gwyn Rockhopper, as well as 885 ore- a non-crypto currency. 

Additionally, the Mojo Melee developer Mystic Moose has confirmed that they offer the character as an NFT right from the beginning. It is a special offer as a part of the partnership with Amazon. Previously, reaching a certain character level was necessary for players to be able to mint champions as NFTs.

Undoubtedly, the game’s popularity, comparable to that of any other non-blockchain match, is expected to attract more subscribers.

The subscription model of the Amazon Prime NFT

The collaboration is going to continue for six months initially. However, subscribers can look forward to additional monthly drops of free in-game NFTs and other resources. Moreover, this subscription is an opportunity for Prime subscribers to have an advantage over non-subscribers.

Also, earlier this year, Amazon Prime collaborated with Mythical Games to provide free NFT promotions for their play-and-create PC and MAC games. Furthermore, Amazon has reported the idea of launching its own NFT marketplace. However, there have been no concrete plans or announcements till now. 

This exciting partnership between Mojo Melee and Amazon Prime will open new paths for NFT enthusiasts. As the world of NFTs continues to evolve, these collaborations are representing a promising future for the intersection of gaming and blockchain technology.

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