ASUS Metaverse is an exclusive division of Asus that focuses on Web3 technologies and is calling out digital creators and artists worldwide. The ASUS Metaverse NFT launched a challenge for a shot at fame on Tokyo’s renowned Shibuya crossing billboard. 

Moreover, the contest is offering exclusive rewards and is open to all with their creations in any theme of their choice.

Quick Takes:

  • ASUS Metaverse NFT launched a contest for digital creators and artists worldwide.
  • The participants are free to choose any theme and submit their work from August 7 to October 2.
  • The winner will get a chance to display their artwork on a billboard in Tokyo’s Shibuya district.

To begin with, ASUS Metaverse started in October 2022 and partnered with various domain experts to set foot in the digital community. Also, this year, they started to host different digital creation contests and NFT battles. 

Moving forward, the company collaborated with Shudu, which is known as the world’s first digital supermodel. 

ASUS Metaverse is collaborating with 13 partners for a contest. This includes global cybersecurity titan Trend Micro, AI powerhouse Stability AI, Creative Bloq, and Web 3 entities like ZombieClub, Elysium Shell community for creators, 3A gaming art group Zoofrenz, and ACG Worlds, known as the inaugural anime-themed metaverse. The partnership also features the crypto art endeavor RIVIVER, overseen by renowned NFT aficionado Bitman.

Additional collaborators are The Bridge Art, showcasing numerous budding artist works; Chicago’s NFT exhibit imnotArt; akaSwap, spearheaded by Asia’s Algorithmic Art Trailblazer, Aluan Wang; Taipei National University of the Arts; animation and VFX house Moonshine Studio, and the AI creation instrument Moonshot.

The digital art contest is endorsed and vouched for by rising digital artist Chien-An Chou (CA CHOU), a favorite among elite collectors. ASUS Metaverse, the main host, offers technical assistance and introduces the ASUS NFT Plaza platform. This platform blends NFT issuance and trade, offering artists a venue to market their works and earn consistent royalties.

Asus Metaverse tweeted the information on the contest on August 7 and lured the digital creators with exciting prizes.

Details of the contest

Making it available to all, the company announced that both amateurs and professional digital creators can compete in the contest. Not only that, Tokyo’s Shibuya district will showcase the winner’s creation on the billboard.

The creators are filled with excitement, as the Shibuya district is a well-known district in Tokyo. Moreover, it is famous for its commercial and financial importance. In addition, the winner will get a cash prize of $30,000 and a chance to get featured on a creative blog as well. 

Overall, this effort is an opportunity for artists worldwide to shine with their innovation in the digital art domain.

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