Blockchain and cryptocurrency technologies are novel and exciting but require significant outreach before they are adopted by the general public. Creating visual identities and product communication requires proper design and skilled designers. So what should you keep in mind when designing? Put yourself in the user’s shoes Try not to use jargon or technical terms. […]

Cryptocurrencies have revolutionized the gaming industry. Video games have gone from being a hobby to an income-generating activity. For the smartest and most passionate, their earnings have nothing to envy the salary of a normal job. All this is thanks to the “play-to-earn” model popularized in cryptography. One concept best illustrates what is happening in […]

With the advent of NFTs, content creators have found a new way to make money from their work. However, it’s true that it’s not as easy as it sounds; if it were, anyone would be a millionaire. So if you’re an artist or other content creator, you’ll need to learn some marketing strategies in order […]