Shopify unveils the expansion of its NFT integration that allows merchants to sell Avalanche NFTs using the Venly app

Shopify enables millions of merchants to design, mint, and sell non-fungible tokens (NFTs) with a click of their fingers using the Venly app.

Quick Take:

  • Shopify now allows merchants to sell NFTs through their existing storefronts using the blockchain app, Venly.
  • Venly announced the expansion of Avalanche support for its Shopify NFT platform for faster and cheaper NFT mints.

Introducing the New NFT App

Shopify and Avalanche have partnered to enable millions of Shopify merchants to create eco-friendly digital assets with minimal technical knowledge.

The blockchain platform took to Twitter to share the good news:

These new NFTs are automatically transformed into products before displaying on Shopify.

Shoppers do not need a cryptocurrency wallet to purchase Shopify’s digital assets using the Venly app. Rather, all buyers will receive an email with a link to a newly created blockchain wallet, which is where they can store their new NFTs.

Merchants can also earn royalties on secondary NFT transactions made on the Venly marketplace via the Venly app.

Shopify’s NFT Relationship 

Shopify launched its first NFT integration in July 2021, enabling merchants to sell NFTs directly from their stores rather than through third-party marketplaces.

As part of the launch, the platform released an NFT collection featuring the NBA’s Chicago Bulls.

After much success in the Web3 sphere, it will be interesting to see how this new NFT initiative plays out.

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