Binance Fan Token has unveiled the PORTO Trading Competition, set to run from September 11, 00:00 (UTC) to October 1, 23:59 (UTC). This initiative allows users to trade on PORTO spot trading pairs during the specified period, with the opportunity to earn up to $750 in PORTO Gift Cards.

Additionally, a separate offer for new users has been introduced. Those registering with Binance using the “PORTOTC” referral code or the provided referral link within the activity window can potentially receive a PORTO Gift Card valued at up to $5. The combined total of PORTO Gift Cards available for both activities amounts to $7,500.

Details of the Activities

New User Exclusive: The initial 1,000 newcomers who register and complete identity verification using the “PORTOTC” referral code or link are eligible for up to $5 in PORTO Gift Cards.

PORTO Trading Competition: Users trading a minimum of $10,000 on any PORTO spot trading pairs during the activity period will be ranked based on their total trading volume. The top ten traders will be awarded as follows:

1st Place: $750

2nd Place: $500

3rd Place: $350

4th Place: $250

5th Place: $150

6th -10th Places: $100 each

Redemption and Terms

Recipients will receive their PORTO Gift Cards via email within 30 days post-activity. These can be claimed either on the Binance App or website. However, these gift cards have a 30-day validity post-distribution. The actual value of the PORTO Gift Card may vary due to market dynamics.

It’s worth noting that users can participate in both activities, and the rewards are not mutually exclusive. However, certain terms and conditions apply, including potential disqualification for dishonest behavior. Binance Fan Token retains the right to modify these terms at its discretion.

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