The acclaimed travel services provider,, recently ventured into the Web3 realm with the launch of the innovative Trekki NFT project. Known for their unique approach, they aim to redefine the potential of non-fungible tokens (NFTs) in travel. Specifically, they’re doing this through partnerships with industry leaders, offering enhanced travel benefits to Trekki enthusiasts such […]

PancakeSwap, the innovative decentralized finance platform, recently launched an exciting NFT collection called ‘Pancake Protectors.’ This unique selection of NFTs features both Normal and Exclusive variants. The purpose of the creators is to provide an extra layer of engagement for gamers. Players can now trade these digital assets, adding depth to their characters and transforming […]

David Christopher Lee expands his aperture by partnering with to showcase exclusive celebrity portrait NFTs. The renowned photographer’s first NFT exhibition flaunts pop sensation Lady Gaga and rap icon Snoop Dogg, unveiling a star-studded spectacle.  Quick Takes:  Lee’s ‘The Illuminate Collection’ NFTs open elite access to photography classes, photoshoots, and red-carpet events. However, collectors must own Lee’s self-portrait digital asset worth […]

Yesterday at the 2023 Crypto Valley ConferenceToday, the influential Web3 financial platform, Uphold, announced its one-of-a-kind offering, ‘Uphold Ascent’, unlocking access to a robust digital asset management via new institutional OTC trading and research services. Uphold Ascent aims to be a pioneer in the digital asset trading industry by offering an unmatched over-the-counter (OTC) platform […]

Nike Virtual Studios, the sportswear behemoth’s digital arm, and gaming titan EA Sports unite to launch immersive experiences via .SWOOSH NFTs, opening unexplored customization territories. Quick Takes:  Nike Virtual Studios and EA Sports Games are preparing to redefine fashion and gaming through .SWOOSH NFTs. Holders of .SWOOSH NFTs will have the unique opportunity to showcase […]

All Nippon Airways (ANA), Japan’s premier airline, is bringing the world of blockchain to aviation. They’ve pioneered a unique marketplace for aeronautical-themed non-fungible tokens (NFTs) in association with ANA Neo, their subsidiary. Quick Takes: ANA, Japan’s leading airline, is innovating in the aviation industry by integrating blockchain technology and creating an aeronautical-themed NFT marketplace. The […]

Delving deeper into the realm of Web3 technologies, Prada persistently paves the way in the fashion industry. Its ground-breaking initiative, Timecapsule, originally launched in 2019, reaches yet another milestone with its 42nd NFT release. This stride reflects Prada’s unwavering dedication to integrating the tangible and virtual domains of fashion. Quick Takes: Prada’s Timecapsule project, launched […]

Bitcoin Miladys NFTs — a recent non-fungible token project specializing in creating derivatives from the Ethereum-based Milady Maker PFP collectibles — unveils a bridge enabling Ethereum assets to join the Bitcoin blockchain. Quick Takes:  Bitcoin Miladys introduces a method that enables the migration of Ethereum NFTs to the Bitcoin blockchain. The relocation process of these assets includes a […]