Chiru Labs, the Web3 startup responsible for highly-valued Azuki NFTs, revealed a collaboration with the well-known merchandise and media brand, Line Friends, to explore content, NFTs, merchandise and events.

Quick Takes: 

  • Chiru Labs is collaborating with the popular Line Friends media and merchandise brand, facilitated by parent company IPX.
  • The partnership will explore content, merchandise, NFTs and events collaborations across Chiru Labs and Line Friends properties.
  • Firstly, the collab will showcase Line Friends characters paired with Azuki’s Beanz NFTs, celebrated by a Times Square animation during the NFT NYC conference.

Motivations Behind the Partnership 

On Tuesday, Chiru Labs announced a partnership with Line Friends, the popular merchandise and media brand featuring cartoonish animal characters. Following success since its debut in 2011, Line Friends has expanded to amusement parks, merchandise stores, and a Netflix series dubbed “Brown and Friends”.

Moreover, Line Friends parent company, IPX has previous collaborations with brands such as Samsung, Starbucks, Meta, and Vans.

Chiru Labs, on the other hand, launched Azuki NFTs in early 2022, soon becoming one of the most successful NFT profile picture (PFP) projects. Consequently, generating $930 million in trading volume.

Following both success stories, Chiru Labs and the parent company of Line Friends, IPX, aims to explore collaborations within their respective properties — merchandise, events, NFTs and content.

Azuki took to Twitter to briefly share the goods news:

The announcement teases their first collaboration, which pairs Chiru Labs’ famous Azuki characters, Beanz, with Line Friends characters.

Further celebrating the start of the partnership, a short animation of the characters together will display on the video billboard above the Line Friends stores in Times Square, New York City, during NFT NYC.

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