Raise your glass to CloprBottle NFTs: The first-ever digital bottles with magic potions for minting digital assets on-chain 

Ecuador, La Floresta, February 7 – Clopr, a decentralized application (dApp) held on the Ethereum blockchain, unveils its state-of-the-art CloprBottle non-fungible token (NFT) collectibles.

The NFT collection consists of 10,000 digital, refillable bottles created to enhance the value and rarity of all digital assets, and they are nearly ready to brew!

How CloprBottle NFTs Raise the Bar 

The CloprBottle NFT stands out among other non-fungible tokens as it is the only one that is filable with powerful potions suitable for NFT consumption. While the potions themselves are not NFTs, when consumed by an NFT, they create newly minted assets that belong to the original NFT that drank the potion. This not only provides numerous benefits to the original NFT, but also allows for the first ever instance of “NFTception”, in which an NFT owns another NFT.

The “StoryPotion” will be the first of these potions available for consumption. When collectors fill CloprBottle NFTs with “StoryPotion,” they will gain the ability to generate on-chain assets known as Story NFTs. Unlike the standard cork, these Story NFTs will be owned by the underlying NFT that originally consumed the StoryPotion. Therefore, the original NFT drinking the potion will own all potion-produced assets.

To further entice collectors – and to bring out their inner bartenders (or witches) – the CloprBottles’ value rises as more potion options add to the mix.

Overall, CloprBottle NFTs are a bubbly blend of “NFTception”, brewing unique, robust bottles which are forever refillable for minting and burning purposes on-chain. In addition, these unique virtual collectibles are the world’s only NFTs with magical potions that hold utility. Look at the project’s much-loved StoryPotion, for example. It will soon serve numerous advantages on the CloprHouse platform for all walks of life to enjoy.

So, check out CloprHouse to experience the first-ever Web3 potion bar that brings utility to NFTs.

About Clopr

Clopr is a renowned Dapp used for Web3 minting. The project enables users to enhance the worth of their NFTs through the creation of on-chain digital assets. As a result, CloprHouse is the world’s first Web3 potion bar that provides utility to all NFTs, regardless of origin. 

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