An Executive from Coinbase Has Discovered a “Jailbreak” for the ChatGPT AI Tool, Which Predicts Bizarre Cryptocurrency Price Scenarios

Coinbase’s chief of business operations, Conor Grogan, recently made a statement in which he claimed to have found a “jailbreak” for the artificial intelligence application ChatGPT. Grogan published a snapshot of the findings from ChatGPT in a tweet on the 30th of April. The results revealed that the tool had given a 15% likelihood that Bitcoin will “fade to irrelevancy” by the year 2035, with values plummeting over 99.99%. Grogan’s tweet was sent on April 30. Additionally, ChatGPT predicted that there is a 20% chance that Ether will become irrelevant and approach price levels close to zero by the year 2035. Even less self-assured was the tool about Litecoin and Dogecoin, assigning odds of 35% and 45%, respectively, for each currency to fall to a value close to zero.

The artificial intelligence tool known as ChatGPT generates replies to prompts by using natural language processing. Grogan used the program to assign probability to a variety of political forecasts and other situations, including as the influence of AI on humans, the presence of aliens, and religion. A crazy forecast was made on ChatGPT that “aliens have visited Earth and are being covered up by the government.” This prediction was given a chance of 10%.

Grogan is a dedicated user of ChatGPT, and he provided others with a script that replicates the prompt that he used to build the tables. He came to the conclusion that the tool is “generally” a “big fan” of Bitcoin but is “more skeptical” when it comes to other cryptocurrencies.

As a tool for anticipating price movements and other trends in the cryptocurrency field, ChatGPT has gained a significant amount of popularity in recent months. The forecasts that it makes, however, should be taken with a grain of salt since they are based on probabilities and are not a guarantee of the future performance of the asset. Grogan’s discovery of a “jailbreak” also raises the possibility of a security breach since it enables the tool to make more accurate and possibly sensitive predictions.

In general, the use of artificial intelligence technologies inside the cryptocurrency market, such as ChatGPT, sheds insight on the expanding function of technology within the sector. As more traders and investors look to these tools for insights and forecasts, it will be crucial to keep in mind the limits of these tools as well as the possible hazards that they pose.

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