Cool Cats and Futureverse are partnering to claw their way into a fusion. The non-fungible token (NFT) brand seeks to solidify its digital paw-prints by joining the metaverse for more story-telling initiatives, and boosting customization options.

Quick Takes: 

  • Cool Cats partners with Futureverse to become a premier entertainment brand, emphasizing community-driven storytelling and innovation through the metaverse’s technology.
  • The partnership aims to enhance the digital assets’ value and capabilities for Cool Cats collectors.
  • Fostering growth within and beyond Web3, the collaboration also involves an exchange of minority equity stakes and board memberships.

What’s Next for Cool Cats and Futureverse? 

Cool Cats and Futureverse’s exciting partnership will unite the brand with innovative technology, boosting the digital assets’ abilities, therefore, value for owners.

The OG NFT brand took to Twitter today, to announce the good news:

The partnership plays a huge part in Cool Cats’s mission to become a premier entertainment brand. Together, the two companies can present “cool” community-driven storytelling and innovation for the digital assets, such as:

  • An exclusive Web3 portal and marketplace to customize Cool Cats’ digital assets
  • AI tools to enable collaborative content development
  • A virtual metaverse for 3D Cool Cats
  • And more.

Moreover, to keep things fair and square, Cool Cats and Futureverse will exchange minority equity stakes to each other. They will reinforce an alliance that capitalizes on each company’s strengths to grow within and beyond Web3.

Ken Cron, Chairman of Cool Cats, will also be joining Futureverse’s Board of Directors. On the other hand, Futureverse Co-Founders Aaron McDonald and Shara Senderoff will join Cool Cats’ Board.

McDonald and Senderoff’s extensive experience with global strategic partnerships opens up a vast network of potential entertainment collaborations for the Cool Cats universe, spanning film, music, lifestyle, and sports.

“Cool Cats has incredible intellectual property known and loved by its community. We are excited to partner with them to help bring their IP and characters to life with our expertise in advanced technologies,”

commented Aaron McDonald, Co-Founder and CEO of Futureverse, in a press release. 

In addition, Futureverse’s 300-strong tech team is currently partnering with notable entities, like FIFA, Authentic Brands Group, Weta Workshop, Snoop Dogg, Timbaland, Keanu Reeves, and Alexandra Grant, with more announcements expected soon.

Fore more information on this exciting partnership, join a Twitter Spaces discussion with leaders from Cool Cats and Futureverse today at 4 pm (ET).

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