In partnership with OpenSea and Transient Labs, Jeremy Cowart will be live-creating 10,000 unique non-fungible tokens (NFTs) at his “Auras” event in Nashville on May 2 — all within a span of just 20 minutes, without the use of generative code or post-production effects.

Quick Takes: 

  • Cowart will create 10,000 unique NFTs in just 20 minutes. He will achieve such goals in front of a live audience at his event “Auras” in Nashville on May 2.
  • To create his digital artworks, he will combine numerous innovative techniques: robotics, tripe-layered projection, multi-hued lighting, triple-layered projection, and a 130-foot LED volume wall.
  • Each NFT will feature Cowart himself at the center, modeling a white mask that symbolizes a blank canvas.

Exploring Jeremy Cowart’s Live NFT Creations 

In this new era of generative art and artificial intelligence, it’s hassle-free for anyone to create artwork and images easily. However, the award-winning photographer, Jeremy Cowart, is putting the easily-accessible tools that simplify the process of creating NFT projects aside, making 10,000 unique photography-based NFTs in just 20 minutes without them.

Already, Cowart holds a fantastic reputation in the art world. His portfolio boasts photographs of prominent figures, including Barack Obama, Taylor Swift, and the Kardashians. Consequently, his digital art has frequently graced the pages of Rolling Stone, The New York Times, and Time.

Now, he is ready to further boost his already-famous name for digital creations into the limelight. In partnership with OpenSea and Transient Labs, the famous photographer is creating numerous digital assets in a matter of minutes in front of a live audience at his event “Auras”. The event will take place in Nashville on May 2.

Today, Cowart shared the good news on Twitter:

To attract a larger audience by showing off his talents around the globe, he will also be live-streaming the creation of his digital art for anyone to enjoy.

Technicalities Behind Cowart’s Quickly Crafted NFTs

Cowart will employ a combination of striking arrangements by escaping the typical computer programming method to auto-generate many NFTs. The tools being used to create his art form include multi-hued lighting arrangements, robotics, triple-layered projection, and a massive 130-foot LED volume wall.

All digital assets will showcase Cowart at the center, wearing a white mask to signify a blank canvas.

Like all other large-scale NFT collections, his Auras NFTs will represent certain rare traits that weave in and out of the series. As his live NFT creation unfolds, he will build rarity traits into state-of-the-art digital assets when creating virtual galleries.

This unique NFT art event will captivate many art enthusiasts. Moreover, Cowart’s digital creations will demonstrate the endless possibilities and untapped potential in the realm of NFTs.

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