Swiss banking titan, Credit Suisse, is diving into the digital playing field with the Swiss Football Association (SFA), kick-starting an innovative NFT collection to propel the energy of women’s football on July 11.

Quick Takes: 

  • Credit Suisse is transforming SFA’s women football players into 756 NFTs on the Ethereum blockchain.
  • The digital assets grant exclusive rewards, including physical artworks, player interactions and signed jerseys.
  • All proceeds go toward support women’s football, nurturing respectful competition and female voices.

Credit Suisse is playing in a new field, transforming SFA’s women football players into a series of 756 NFTs. Freshly crafted on the Ethereum blockchain, the digital masterpieces will be available on Credit Suisse’s digital banking coliseum, CSX.

The NFTs are priced between a brisk $167 to a mighty $11,000 and will be available in different package levels offering more than digital art, such as:

  • A tangible artwork counterpart.
  • The chance to rub shoulders with the players.
  • An authentic autographed jersey.

Like a striker’s shot of support, all proceeds from the innovative endeavor will nurture the roots of girls’ football. The funds will directly go toward the football team’s developments and other organizations dedicated to accelerating the skills and voices of female football talents.

NFTs and Sports in a Unified Field

The blend of sports and NFTs present new grounds of the digital future, alluring mainstream brands and teams toward the Web3 galaxy.

Interestingly, the football world has already latched onto advantages behind this trend — not just the Credit Suisse women football NFTs. Arsenal FC launched NFT ticketing for match access with ‘Arsenal Journey Pass NFTs‘. Moreover, Brasileirão Assaí collaborated with Binance to launch non-fungible tokens related to Brazil’s premier football league. The Argentine Football Association (AFA) has enabled the Upland metaverse to use their license, whereas Liverpool FC and Sorare explored Fantasy Football NFTs together. Additionally, OKX kick-started Manchester City NFTs called ‘The Best Team in the Land & All of Europe‘, among others.

However, most notably, the spotlight has recently been turned toward women’s football. Last month, FC Barcelona joined the blue-chip NFT collection World of Women to celebrate the team’s shining star, Alexia Putellas, through ‘Empowerment‘ NFTs — also advocating for female athletes’ recognition.

As more sports-related non-fungible collectibles unfold, inclusivity, empowerment, and limitless creativity are booting fan experiences to new horizons.

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