Despite historically being known as a ‘crypto hater’, Peter Schiff is about to release a Bitcoin ordinals NFT art collection. Schiff has previously been heard calling NFTs “worthless” and “easy to replicate”.

Quick Takes

  • Peter Schiff, a crypto hater, is releasing a Bitcoin Ordinals NFT art collection.
  • The collection will be auctioned on 1Marketprice’s site from June 2 to June 9.
  • Schiff still doesn’t seem fully sold on the idea of Bitcoin, despite this move.

Schiff’s Ordinals Collection

Finding crypto and NFT haters is common. But one who eventually goes onto create a collection of their own, despite their previous claims and antics, is less so. However that is the case for Peter Schiff, who is launching an art-based NFT collection on Bitcoin Ordinals.

The collection, ‘Golden Triumph’, is set to go on sale on 1Marketprice’s site via an auction. This will start on June 2, concluding a week later on June 9. Schiff has collaborated with Market Price, one of his “favourite artists”, to bring the 51-piece collection to life.

In the first of a two-part auction, a one-off piece (on oil linen canvas) with an accompanying NFT will be sold to the highest bidder. Then, for the second half, bidders will compete for 50 limited prints of the same artwork. Each of which come with accompanying Bitcoin Ordinals. The highest bidder receives number 1, and the next 49 highest bidders receiving NFTs numbered 2-50 in descending order.

Upon announcing the partnership, and collection, with Market Price, Schiff’s followers (and haters) were quick to run to the Twitter comments section. Comments including shocked memes which highlighted their confusion on his entrance into BTC.

Bizarrely, Peter still doesn’t seem fully sold on the idea of Bitcoin, despite this move. In response to the obvious questions of his allegience to Bitcoin in his comments section, he said “There is something here for Bitcoiners. But I’m still not a member of that club.”

Perhaps the strangest interaction came between him and user @lonestarbitcoin. The latter said: “So… it’s valuable to put your “gold” inscriptions on Bitcoin, but Bitcoin itself is not valuable?” – Peter responded: “Correct.”

Peter Schiff’s History

Peter Schiff is an American stock broker, commentator and online personality. His dealership, Schiff Gold, is known as a top precious metals dealer, and is where is interest in gold comes from, the theme of his upcoming NFT collection.

Traditionally, Peter Schiff has been known in the crypto, particularly Bitcoin, community as being a huge hater of everything to do with the technology, including most recently, NFTs.

In 2021, Schiff took to a blog to share his remarks on non-fungible tokens. In a post titled ‘Do You Want to Buy a Bridge? The Strange Fantasy World of NFTs’, he wrote about NFTs being “fake assets”. Also, Schiff added that “many people have forgotten what it’s like to operate in the real world.”

In previous interviews, he has compared Bitcoin to the Tulip Mania bubble, instead of comparing it to the second coming of gold, as many had been.

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