The latest NFT open edition is Danny Cole’s “Crowd,” which is part of his Creature World NFT project and has sold more than 38,045 copies so far. OpenSea hosts the Crowd collection, which is the most talked-about project in the space right now.

At 0.29 ETH per NFT, the digital collectible open edition mints brought in over 1,103 ETH, or about $1.7 million.

Quick Take:

  • “Crowd” is a collection of generative art sold on OpenSea, with 38K+ copies sold for around $1.7M.
  • The collection showcases “Creatures” with diverse colors combined in unique ways, highlighting our commonality despite variations.
  • Creature World’s team utilized a unique algorithm to combine their art style with different colors and features. The collection expands the brand’s creative influence and aims to make their universe accessible through various mediums.

What Is the “Crowd” NFT Project at Creature World?

Basically, Creature World’s “Crowd” is a fresh interpretation of the current open edition trend, showcasing a collection of generative art. The art pieces depict unique “Creatures” with diverse colors, blended in unlimited ways. This open-edition collection was accessible for 24 hours. Now, the NFT series is the first generative open edition to be presented on OpenSea, which also guarantees the uniqueness of each NFT.

Moreover, collectors have the opportunity to mint numerous NFTs within the 24-hour window. The “Crowd” NFT collection’s concept highlights the idea that despite our infinite color variations, we are all identical creatures, with each generation representing distinct color combinations. All in all, creating a truly unique experience for Creature World enthusiasts.

To create the “Crowd” NFT collection, Creature World’s team utilized an exclusive algorithm that combined their distinctive art style with different color palettes and other unique features.

Furthermore, the generative script ensures that the art is visually appealing and maintains consistency in its color scheme. Additionally, Creature World has launched its very first fashion line, “Migration,” which marks the brand’s debut in the fashion industry. The fashion pieces are entirely crafted in-house, showcasing the brand’s commitment to being “true to web3” without any external collaborations.

Exploring the Unique World of Danny Cole’s Creature World Collection

Creature World is a platform for NFTs that launched its Migration clothing collection in February 2023, comprising three parts. Given that, the first exclusively available for Creature World NFT holders on February 15th and public release on February 16th. The second and third drops are scheduled for March and April.

Not to mention, the collection is curated to showcase Creature World’s distinctive artistic vision while expanding the brand’s creative influence. The team intends to provide fans with various means of accessing the Creature World universe, including clothing, art exhibitions, and digital items.

According to Danny Cole, his cartoon universe transcends several media, and NFTs are just one avenue for individuals to experience it. The Crowd NFT project serves as evidence that NFTs and art can exist for pure entertainment and enjoyment.

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