In a groundbreaking move, the famed NFT project DeLabs unveils DeGods III — consisting of female avatars and no “bad traits” or “dilution” — coinciding with y00ts migrating from Polygon to Ethereum, despite a $3 million grant.

Quick Takes: 

  • DeLabs launches DeGods III, comprising 20,000 new NFTs with four unique generative art features.
  • DeGods III includes swappable female avatars, the removal of “bad traits” and more.
  • y00ts switches from Polygon to Ethereum, returning its mighty $3 million grant to Polygon as a consequence.

DeGods III Grand Introduction

After much anticipation, DeGods III has finally been launched! The debut adds 20,000 new NFTs to the blockchain art market, promising “no dilution”.

One of the standout features of the new DeLabs project includes a set of generative art whereby a single DeGod consists of four individual pieces. Each piece proclaims a female avatar that collectors can seamlessly swap at a 1:1 ratio with its male counterpart, bringing an entirely new dynamic to the Season III avatars.

Moreover, as a response to community feedback, the project has wiped out all undesirable traits, showcasing the DeLabs’ commitment to creating user-tailored improvements.

The NFTs now include new body positions, clean lines, more shading, brighter colors, new traits, clean linework and more.

y00ts Chain Switch from Polygon to Ethereum

On top of that, there’s another intriguing development from DeLabs. This time, focused on y00ts — its other successful NFT project.

y00ts is migrating from Polygon to Ethereum. Consequently, y00ts has returned its grant of $3 million to Polygon to unite DeGods (on the Ethereum chain) and y00ts communities.

After the revealing of the news, y00ts recieved an overwheling response, leading to a 328.8% increase in 24-hour trading volume, which, according to CoinGecko, now stands at $316,526 (171.15 ETH).

DeGods, on the flip side, have a notable entry price of around $16,240 (8.75 ETH) at this time of writing, and is expected to go up!

DeLabs, with its successful track record in the NFT realm, further cements its dominance through these two ventures, painting a promising horizon for collectors, digital artists and NFT enthusiasts across the spectrum.

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