Doodles, known for its success on the Ethereum blockchain, is ready to launch its follow-up series, Doodles 2, on the Flow network 

Doodles has been on a mission recently. First, acquiring reward-winning animation studio Golden Wolf, alongside onboarding three new talents to its leadership team.

Now, the team behind the cute PFP characters aims to ascend to great heights by ditching Ethereum despite the previous success, launching its follow-up series, Doodles 2, on the Flow blockchain instead.

Quick Take: 

  • Doodles’ follow-up series, Doodles 2, will ditch the Ethereum blockchain. 
  • Instead, the collectibles will join Flow, following the network’s nonexistent gas fees. 
  • Flow’s new NFTs, Doodles 2, will focus on customization perks.
  • The follow-up series are said to launch on its new blockchain soon.

Why the Change of Heart (Blockchain), Doodles? 

Doodles stand high as one of the world’s most prominent Ethereum NFT projects. The NFT collectibles stand out for showcasing colorful profile picture (PFP) digital assets with more than $550 million in trading volume (to date) and having Pharrell Williams on board as Chief Brand Officer.

In June 2022, at NFT NYC, the creators of these famous PFP NFTs revealed that they would switch to a different blockchain platform to launch their follow-up series, Doodles 2, like Solana or Polygon. Thus, moving to the Flow blockchain has come as a surprise for most.

This change of heart marks the first time any OG NFT project has switched from Ethereum to join Flow. Although, the chosen blockchain created by Dapper Labs has recently seen a lot of NFT activity, making it less of a bizarre choice.

Doodles believe the Flow launch will “mark the start of a future of strong cross-interoperability with Ethereum.” One critical reason for the switch is Flow has nonexistent gas fees.

Looks like the Ethereum Merge hasn’t achieved what it set out to do.

What’s Next? Insights Into Doodles 2 

Doodles is excited to release its follow-up collection, Doodles 2, in the near future.

This upcoming series will consist of millions of NFTs rather than 10,000 cute avatars like its first, much-loved collection.

Some of the upcoming collectibles’ key perks include collectors’ ability to customize their characters: hairstyle, emotion, apparel, accessories, gadgets, etc. All digital assets are then showable on social media channels and other ecosystems.

These new collectibles are looking to establish a sense of identity that still needs to be achievable for collectibles alike.

All wearables released during this period will also come with a Doodles 2 Beta Pass, giving access to a private beta of the Doodle creation tool. 

The Doodles team is doing all possible to boost the Web3 brand to the top in 2023.

Let’s hope these cute and customizable new NFTs are within reach soon. 

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