Doodles‘ ongoing ‘Watch Contest’ witnesses a surge of participation from its community. The contest aims to appoint two community members as conduits between the recently formed Community Council and the broader Doodles community to rectify past troubles.

Quick Takes: 

  • Doodle Watch aims to boost the project, promoting openness through two elected liaisons to report back to the wider Doodles community.
  • A community council for Doodles was recently established following the silence of the team behind the NFT project. Consequently, the two people voted as Doodle Watch members will provide community oversight to the council.
  • The voting period is from May 8 – 20. Each Doodle NFT holder has one vote each.

Doodle Watch, alongside the NFT project’s five-member Community Council, was created in response to the community’s call for more say and openness about the future of the project behind the blue-chip generative non-fungible collectibles.

The need for a stronger community arose after unexplained silence from the Doodles team, therefore, angry community members. Doodles’ Co-founder, Jordan “Poopie” Castro recently stating that Doodles is “no longer an NFT project” did not help matters.

Tasked with rejuvenating interest in the project, Doodle Watch aims to fix the growing divide between the team and “Doodlers”.

A Quality Check for Council Members

To shine the project back into the limelight, community members are partaking in a “Watch Vote”, to cherry-pick their two favorite members to operate best interest into the community and project.

As such, the two-member team has the following main objectives:

  • Providing community oversight to the Community Council.
  • Developing a pipeline for future Community Council positions.
  • Ensuring the community’s voice is represented during all meetings.

The voting period is from May 8 – 20. Each Doodle NFT holder has one vote. The elected Doodle Watch members will serve a three-month trial alongside a $6,000 compensation as thanks for their contributions.

Doodle Watch participants will not have voting rights but can actively contribute to discussions at all meetings. The two chosen members will also have the chance to progress in their roles over holding a position at the Community Council.

Yet again, this news underscores the criticality of a robust community for the success and ascension of Web3 projects.

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