Doodles today launches its innovative, customization ‘Dooplicator’ tool: collectors’ keys to the private beta of Doodles 2

Doodles is on a roll this year. First acquiring award-winning animation studio Golden Wolf and onboarding new talents to its leadership team.

Now, the blue-chip NFT project is launching its Dooplicator tool today — a “super-powered device” reward with “perpetual utility”, unboxing a private beta pass to Doodles 2.

Quick Take:

  • Doodles collectors can now “start their journey into Doodles 2 with the power of Dooplication”.
  • The Dooplicator tool allows collectors to create wearables from OG Doodles. Anyone can express themselves with customizable characters and equipable wearables.
  • All new wearables are usable during the private beta of Doodles 2 (coming soon).

The Benefits of Doodles Dooplicator 

Doodles is taking customization to the next level. Today, the OG NFT project is launching its first step into “Doopliciation” via its Dooplicator tool available here.

As a result, NFT holders can now mint first-edition wearables for the first time. All collectors can customize their Doodles 2 characters’ hairstyles, bodies, emotions, clothing, and wearables to create the rarest NFT traits of all original collections.

Those partaking in the mints will receive an access pass to the beta version of the Doodles 2 creation tool, which will shortly be available on the Flow blockchain — so collectors can take advantage of the network’s “non-existent” transaction fees.

The second minting process is next month, using “Genesis Boxes”. But more about that as the time comes. 

Dooplicating Doodles – Simple Steps

The NFT project took to Twitter yesterday to show Doodles 2 collectors how to get the most out of its new customization tool launching at some point today:

Once launching, the Tweet states that users can check if their Doodle has been Dooplicated or if it still has its OG wearables by using the Doodle’s official “Checker Tool”.

On the contrary, those with a Dooplicator but no Doodle will be able to buy the rights to Dooplicate another Doodle via the Dooplicator Marketplace. Users can select a listed Doodle using the Dooplicator tool to receive the wearables and beta pass.

Collectors can also buy, sell, and trade their Doodles 2 collectibles alongside top collectibles, like NBA TopShot.

Another perk includes collectors being able to tweak their Doodle collectibles at any given time.

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