Doodlebank to soar with visionary Meebits Founder, Kai Turner, at the helm, ensuring optimal utilization of project funds for maximum success

Meebits Founder, Kai Turner, is joining Doodles‘ flagship project ‘Doodlebank‘ as an advisor for the project’s thriving community treasury.

A wealth of experience and innovative ideas position Turner to take Doodels to even higher heights alongside its new leadership members.

Quick Take: 

  • Kai Turner is now the Community Treasury Advisor for Doodlebank.
  • The NFT expert will assist the Doodles team in creating the NFT project’s roadmap in cost-effective ways.
  • He will gather feedback from the Doodles community to ensure all of the project’s funds are well-spent.

About Doodlebank’s New Advisor

Turner is an NFT expert, joining forces with Doodles to help revolutionize its community treasury.

He took to Twitter to share the good news:

With more than 25 years of experience in media and entertainment (Sony and Netflix), product innovation, and multiple DAOs, his talents can bring a wealth of knowledge into the NFT project’s ecosystem.

Moreover, he is a prominent thought leader in the Web3 world, thanks to his solid background in successful NFT ventures and generative art.

With close ties to the team since 2017, along with 10 Doodles NFTs in his collection, he aims to assist the franchise in becoming a leading entertainment brand for children and families in the Web3 sphere.

Turner will assist the Doodles team to create a strategic direction and clear vision for Doodlebank’s roadmap, in cost-effective ways.

So far, the community treasury holds 2,940 ETH (approximately $4.7M). The funds continue to grow as half of the secondary project royalties add to the treasury.

Doodles community members decide on the future of the project’s funds. However, Turner guarantees the best decision-making, ensuring all funds are spent wisely.

This is a significant step towards boosting Doodles to its full potential — alongside recently acquiring Golden Wolf to elevate story-telling.

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