Thanks to AI technology, Pablo Stanley’s Humankind NFT characters enhance storytelling with original narrative backgrounds 

Pioneer in Web3 storytelling, Pablo Stanley, now combines the power of artificial intelligence (AI)-generated lore and narrative via ChatGPT3 and Bueno.

By using cognitive computing, he can create an immersive and unique experience for each of his “Humankind” non-fungible token (NFT) characters.

So, join us as we delve into the creative process behind the generative backstories and new tech which contribute to the overall development of Stanley’s most recent project.

Pablo Stanley’s AI Advantages

Humankind NFTs feature more than 8,000 unique black-and-white digital collectibles, appealing to a wide community with nostalgia.

Ownership of such NFTs open the doors to a welcoming community. And artists can earn directly from their work through the power of Web3.

Moreover, by harnessing the power of AI and Web3, Stanley brings each NFT character life — all of whom have their own unique backstory.

AI has become a significant player in storytelling and art, offering the ability to generate original stories, create interactive experiences, personalize narratives, and even adapt to user feedback in real time.

With Humankind, Stanley utilizes these innovative capabilities to merge human and digital creativity and push the boundaries of storytelling and art even further.

All collectors are also rewarded merchandise, alongside early access to its upcoming side projects: Creaturekind, Spiritkind, and Monsterkind.

Pablo Stanley

Join the Digital Asset’s AI Adventure 

There are several ways for NFT collectors to explore the world of Humankind and its characters.

One option is to buy these digital assets on secondary NFT marketplaces. Once purchased, collectors will have access to their characters’ backstories, which AI technology generates. 

Another choice includes minting directly from the Humankind website. But first, they must link their wallets.

Using either simple steps, collectors can immerse themselves into the world of Humankind. Then, they can discover the unique stories behind each digital asset.

According to the man himself, Pablo Stanley, this is only the begging of his AI-generated storytelling journey. 

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