Azuki’s Hilumia metaverse creates new opportunities for communication, collaboration, and commerce

After much anticipation, Azuki finally opens the gates to Hilumia — the NFT project’s metaverse that embodies the company’s history, present, and future.

This new virtual space promises an innovative way to interact with the community, offering a preview of upcoming developments along the way.

So, let’s explore Azuki’s Hilumia metaverse and all it stands for.

To celebrate Azuki’s first anniversary, Azuki created Hilumia to bring its community together in ways never achievable.

The brand describes Hilumia as “the Garden’s crossroads”—a developing metropolis molded and constructed by the people.

All owners of Azuki NFTs and BEANZ Official NFTs can gain access to this brand-new virtual world. Thus, this recent launch allows collectors to explore and appreciate all aspects of the collection.

Moreover, the virtual space changes the way people interact and enjoy activities. It creates new opportunities for communication, collaboration, and commerce.

Azuki's Hilumia:

Opening the Gates of Hilumia – What to Expect 

Hilumia includes numerous locations: Slowpoke’s Toy Haven, Ember Square, Golden Skate Park, and Garden Express—all of which offer unique experiences.

The metaverse is an interactive virtual city that evolves with the participation of its community, linked together by its Physical Backed Token (PBT).

PBT plays a crucial role in Azuki’s goal of merging the digital and physical realms. For instance, those who possess one of the Anime characters’ golden skateboards can scan its corresponding PBT to be honored as a part of Hilumia’s ruins.

Moreover, this virtual land boasts a toy store, arcade center, gym, and a romance competition, “Love Island”. There’s a little something for everyone.

The attention to detail in the music and sound effects also adds to this unique immersive experience.

Lucky enough to be an Azuki collector? Experience Hilumia by visiting the NFT project’s official website.

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