Floor, an NFT portfolio tracking application, has purchased WGMI.io, an NFT analytics platform, for an undeclared amount. Floor plans to include some of WGMI’s deep analytics capabilities into the app in the coming months.

Quick Take:

  • Floor, the NFT portfolio app startup, raised $8 million last year.
  • WGMI.io, an NFT analytics platform, has been acquired by the company as part of its expansion plans.

Following the purchase, Thomas Mancini, the founder of WGMI, joined the NFT portfolio app full-time. The app will combine the capabilities of both platforms, expand the workforce, and extend WGMI’s reach to more than 10,000 active Floor users.

WGMI.io is focused on analytics around market activity and trading trends.

Floor and WGMI will exchange features and codes but will remain distinct products. This shared code will enable new app features like trait-floor pricing. Floor features will be open and accessible to holders of WGMI NFTs for free. 

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A Floor application invite has been airdropped to WGMI NFT holders. NFT holders may simply log in using the wallet that holds their WGMI NFT to access the application. Floor Genesis token holders may also have access to WGMI by visiting wgmi.io and signing in.

Furthermore, the team plans to link the WGMI community Discord to the Floor Discord in the coming weeks. The Floor support platform now houses all WGMI support. It will enable users of both platforms to contact Floor’s support staff for quicker replies and improved feature request tracking.

About Floor

Floor, launched in 2021, is currently a token-gated application that allows users to track their portfolios and add collections to their watch list to get price alerts. The NFT portfolio app also has multi-wallet compatibility, private display options, and live activity for collections.

Floor previously announced an $8 million seed funding round in June. Chris Maddern and Sid Dabral are the co-founders of the firm. Since its inception, Floor has collaborated with high-profile projects such as Proof and Doodles to provide NFT holders with access and the ability to airdrop app invitations to friends to enrol them on the platform.

Maddern tweeted on January 6 that the NFT portfolio app users traded over 15,000 ETH of NFTs, representing $18 million or 8% of OpenSea turnover. The Floor says that 22,000 crypto wallets have linked to their app to monitor their assets.

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