LEGO fans can now build their own Bored Ape #254 thanks to instructions made by BAYC’s story makers, Forever Apes 

Forever Apes – the company that commemorates the stories, experiences, and art of the Bored Ape Yacht Club (BAYC) community – announced that it is releasing LEGO build instructions for a Bored Ape.

Quick Take:

  • Forever Apes is releasing LEGO build instructions for Bored Ape #254.
  • The storyteller for BAYC took to Twitter to share the good news.
  • These build instructions are said to be the first of many and are free of charge.

Build Your Own Bored Ape #254

Already, BAYC has its own play-to-earn game (Dookey Dash), merchandise, cryptocurrency (ApeCoin), and even restaurant (Bored & Hungry).

Thanks to Forever Apes, the OG NFT project now has its own LEGO instructions. Fans can make their own Bored Ape #254 from the comfort of their own home. 

The instruction-makers took to Twitter to reveal their LEGO making initiative:

As you can see, the company created the LEGO build instructions for Bored Ape #254—a five-trait blue fur primate which models a silver hoop and a bizarre-looking pair of eyes.

Despite there currently only being instructions for Bored Ape #254, many more instructions are in the making.

All instructions will eventually be free to download here. All users need to do is supply their Twitter handle and retweet the good news.

But don’t stop building the process there—the bricks cost approximately $25-30 from the LEGO store itself.

Stop monkeying around and get building!

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