Fortune Magazine is making waves in the NFT space with its exclusive NFT drop, featuring a limited edition artwork collection created in collaboration with acclaimed digital artist pplpleasr.

Quick Takes:

  • Fortune Magazine’s entry into the NFT market demonstrates the growing recognition of NFTs and digital art in mainstream media.
  • The collaboration between Fortune and acclaimed digital artist pplpleasr highlights the potential for partnerships between traditional media and digital art creators.
  • Fortune’s NFT drop may encourage other media outlets to explore NFTs and digital art as new avenues for audience engagement and revenue generation.
The artwork, named “Fortune: Crypto Climbs Back From The Worst Year Ever,” can be purchased for 0.1 ETH in a 24-hour sale on the foundation website.

Fortune Enters the NFT Market with Limited Edition Artwork

Fortune Magazine has made history. They entered the NFT market with an exclusive NFT drop. Basically, the drop includes limited edition artwork created in collaboration with acclaimed digital artist pplpleasr. This collaboration marks a significant milestone for mainstream media’s embrace of NFTs and digital art.

Moreover, the Fortune NFT drop features 256 limited edition artworks. Each piece is based on the magazine’s August 2021 cover. The cover design highlights decentralized finance (DeFi) and its impact on the financial world. Not to mention, the NFTs have a unique design, showcasing different colors and visual effects.

Currently, the NFTs are available for purchase on the OpenSea platform. Essentially, the auction started on August 11, 2021, and ran for 48 hours. The bidding for each NFT started at 1 Ethereum (ETH). Positively, the proceeds from the auction are set to be divided between Fortune and the artist.

Hear Fortune Reporter’s Conversation with Generative Artist on the NFT Project.

Collaborative Effort with Artist pplpleasr

Fortune’s decision to collaborate with digital artist pplpleasr is a testament to the growing recognition of digital art as a legitimate art form. Pplpleasr is known for her work in the crypto and DeFi space. Given that, She has previously created animations for major projects like Uniswap and Yearn Finance.

Additionally, Fortune’s collaboration with pplpleasr is not only a celebration of digital art. Also, it is a recognition of the significance of the NFT market. Certainly, Fortune’s move into the NFT space could pave the way for other mainstream media outlets to explore NFTs and digital art as new avenues for engagement and revenue generation.

In conclusion, Fortune Magazine’s exclusive NFT drop represents a major milestone in the adoption of NFTs by mainstream media. By partnering with a renowned digital artist and creating unique, limited edition artworks, Fortune is making a bold statement about the value and potential of NFTs in the world of art and media.

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