Gala Games has made significant strides this week: transferring its unminted gaming NFTs from Ethereum to its new independent chain, GalaChain, and joining forces with the community-centric Web3 gaming launcher, Elixir

Quick Takes: 

  • Gala Games transitions its NFT gaming assets from Ethereum, boosting the introduction of ‘NFT Mystery Boxes’.
  • Players have already acquired more than 30,000 of these boxes due to holding game tokens within GalaChain.
  • The Web3 gaming titan also collaborates with Elixir Games. By doing so, it introduces famed titles like ‘Spider Tanks‘ and ‘Town Star‘ to its platform.

Gala Games’ Independent Chain

Gala Games is moving its unminted NFT gaming assets from Ethereum to GalaChain to ensure players can use the gaming assets without the hassle of ETH gas costs.

The gaming platform — dedicated to creating AAA gaming environments that focus on gamers’ ownership — has introduced a range of ‘NFT Mystery Boxes’ tiers, spotlighting that in-game assets are no longer up for grabs on the Ethereum network.

More than 30,000 of these boxes have already been sold at contrasting prices, each holding three random game tokens within its recently launched standalone chain.

A Strategic Partnership to Redefine Gaming

In other news, Gala has joined forces with Elixir Games to introduce more famous titles like ‘Spider Tanks’ and ‘Town Star’ to its Gaming Launcher.

Elixir Games is an innovative Web3 platform, offering players rich gaming experiences fused with lively community interaction.

Elixir Games also creates a dedicated node on Gala, hosting weekly gaming events featuring limited-edition rewards and special guests.

By focusing on these player-centric solutions, Gala Games solidifies its position as a trustworthy and exciting force in blockchain gaming.

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