The esteemed company behind the renowned Goblintown NFTs, Truth Labs, is set to shortly launch “Goblintown Season 2”. With a dedication to supporting non-fungible token (NFT) enthusiasts during challenging times, underperforming traders will have priority access to the mint.

Quick Takes: 

  • Truth Labs will soon launch Goblintown Season 2, featuring captivating PFP animal characters and a unique storyline via Big Inc collectibles.
  • “Bad” traders and holders of Truth Labs’ digital assets (Goblintown, Grumpl, and Illuminati) can enjoy priority entry and free minting access.
  • Those who mint a Big Inc can also benefit from a 50% discount if minting one of these digital assets using the popular meme coin PEPE, capitalizing on its recent 2,100% spike and $502M market cap.

Twists Behind Goblintown Season 2 

Truth Labs is ready to debut its highly anticipated Goblintown Season 2, showcasing Big Inc collectibles, which aim to captivate the NFT community with its PFP animal characters and unique storyline.

Despite Big Inc not revealing the mint date or time yet, the team behind the NFT project has confirmed that the top 1,000 worst traders applying for one of the forthcoming digital assets will have special access to a free mint, providing they apply within the 24-hour window:

The reason behind wanting to support “bad” traders includes wanting to support all NFT collectors during both good and bad times. Holders of other Truth Labs collectibles (Goblintown, Grumpl, and Illuminati) will also be privileged to mint a Big Inc NFT, free of charge.

Furthermore, the collection seeks to exploit the benefits of the growing popularity of the meme coin PEPE, which recently witnessed a 2,100% spike in price this month alone — boosting its market cap to a surpassing $502 million. As such, those who mint using PEPE will receive a 50% discount, paying around 0.048 ETH ($88) for a Big Inc, instead of 0.096 ETH (which amounts to about $175).

Goblintown already generates a whopping $7 million in sales, surpassing conventional NFT market trends. By launching Goblintown Season 2, Truth Labs hopes to boost its position as an innovative force within the Web3 sphere.

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