Prestigious fashion brand Gucci is further exploring Web3 and the metaverse by partnering with Bored Ape Yacht Club‘s creator, Yuga Labs.

Quick Takes: 

  • Today, Gucci teased collaborating with Yuga Labs on Twitter.
  • The partnership aims to explore the convergence of fashion and entertainment within the Otherside metaverse to foster deep community interactions.
  • Details about the “first chapter” of the collaboration will begin this week.

Today, Gucci hinted at a partnership with Yuga Labs on Twitter. The announcement features an image displaying both Gucci and Yuga Labs logos on a bottle previously spotted in the trailer for the Otherside (Bored Ape’s metaverse):

Information about the agreement is thus far limited. However, Gucci Vault and metaverse ventures CEO, Robert Triefus, informed The Business of Fashion that the collaboration will grant the fashion brand “an active role in the ongoing narrative of Otherside and 10KTF.”

Moreover, the partnership is said to span over multiple years. Gucci hopes to deepen interactions with its community by examining the convergence of fashion and entertainment through the metaverse.

The collaboration’s “first chapter” will start commencing this week! So, keep an eye out on NFT Lately for more details.

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