Santo Spirit, the brainchild of rock icon Sammy Hagar and culinary legend Guy Fieri, is taking a spirited leap into Web3. Together, they are toasting to the future of their tequila brand, launching an NFT rewards program.

Quick Takes: 

  • Tequila brand Santo Spirit collaborates with Near Protocol and Trident3 to launch an enticing NFT rewards program.
  • The first 1,000 people to sign up to ‘The Santo Spirits Club’ get a free NFT. More digital assets will be available later, with some offering unique experiences like virtual tequila tastings with the founders.
  • The club shows how traditional brands can utilize blockchain technology to reward customers and build upon community incentives.

Santo Spirits’ Web3 Plunge

Santo Spirit welcomes all its fans to partake in ‘The Santo Spirits Club’ — in a move as smooth as well-aged tequila. This reward system is on the Near Protocol blockchain, cultivated in collaboration with the sprouting Web3 infrastructure startup Trident3.

The long-life friends, Hagar and Fieri, will issue the first 1,000 members a free NFT as a token of appreciation. Those that are a little late to the game — fear not! They will grant numerous NFTs throughout the program for all members to enjoy.

Upon opening general, limited, and rare NFTs, note that the latter digital assets are the most desirable, granting virtual tequila-tasting sessions hosted by Hagar and Fieri and autographed guitars.

Nevertheless, other exclusive perks are set to reveal upon the launch of Santo Spirit’s new Añejo tequila in the coming weeks, among many more:

A Continues Odyssey of Rewards and Spirits

One central aspect that sets The Santo Spirits Club apart from other NFT projects is that it continuously issues tequila NFT rewards for those consistently engaging in the product.

This loyalty program presents how traditional brands can harness to power of blockchain technology to cultivate customer loyalty. Moreover, the charm of Web3 goes beyond rewards, bringing priceless qualities of authenticity and exclusivity.

So, join The Santo Spirits Club to unite spirits and rewards through every interaction, sip, and shared moment with the brand established by two famed titans. That’s the spirit!

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