In a letter to Haru Invest members, CEO Hugo Lee extended a sincere apology for the concerns arising from a recent incident and acknowledged the need for prompt communication. While expressing regret for any delays in updating customers, Lee clarified that the focus was initially on assessing the extent of damage and formulating recovery plans. He emphasized the company’s commitment to transparently sharing the current situation and progress with members through continuous communication channels.

Haru Invest is actively addressing the situation as follows:

Pursuing Legal Action: Haru Invest has initiated legal action against B&S Holdings, targeting allegations of fraud, embezzlement, and related offenses. Concurrently, the company is gathering facts to determine the full extent of the damage. Information will be shared with members as the fact-finding process progresses.

Collaboration with Authorities: Recognizing that several users have taken legal action against the company, Haru Invest plans to fully cooperate with the authorities. The company aims to ensure swift and accurate identification of facts and representation of its position based on the findings.

Lee highlighted that the current priority is the legal action against B&S Holdings, considering the company as the root cause of the issue. Haru Invest is dedicated to establishing factual details and recovering damages for its customers.

To provide a timeline of actions and communications, Haru Invest has taken the following steps:

Morning of June 13: Immediate suspension of deposits and withdrawals to minimize the impact on investors.

Evening of June 13: Identification of the issue with a consignment operator, debunking rumors of a “Rug pull.”

Evening of June 14: Announcement of the consignment operator’s name (B&S Holdings) and confirmation of ongoing legal action.

Evening of June 16: Disclosure of legal action against B&S Holdings, initiated through certified mail, with subsequent investigation.

Afternoon of June 19: Public notification regarding the current status of Haru Invest products in light of the situation.

CEO Hugo Lee emphasized full cooperation with the authorities and reassured members that he is not evading or avoiding the situation. He expressed his dedication to recouping investors’ losses, acknowledging any inconveniences caused during the procedure.

By prioritizing transparency and pursuing legal action against B&S Holdings, Haru Invest is actively working to rectify the situation and safeguard the interests of its customers under the leadership of CEO Hugo Lee.

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