This summer, MetaGaia and Sanrio Hong Kong embark on a novel endeavor. They’re unveiling “Hello Kitty Seven Wonders,” a multi-dimensional experience. To be hosted at Citygate Outlets, it’s an event lasting 51 days. It cleverly merges the metaverse with reality, offering an engaging encounter for Hello Kitty fans. Augmented reality (AR) hotspots featuring Hello Kitty characters will dot the mall. Mini-games will be another exciting facet of the event.

Quick Takes:

  • “Hello Kitty Seven Wonders,” a MetaGaia-Sanrio collaboration, fuses metaverse and reality in a 51-day event featuring AR hotspots and mini-games.
  • MetaGaia, supported by parent Advokate Group, enhances the metaverse experience with AI companions, AR games, and digital trading.
  • The partnership represents a leap in metaverse evolution, revitalizing pop culture icons in the digital realm.

Advokate Group, MetaGaia’s parent company, is a trailblazer in the metaverse. They’ve set a new standard with AI-powered companions, AR games, and social interactions. They’re also the pioneers in brand shopping and digital asset trading in the metaverse. The partnership with Sanrio further bolsters MetaGaia’s commitment to enriching the user experience. “We strive to craft a metaverse of endless exploration opportunities,” shared Gordon Kwok, MetaGaia’s CEO.

For over six decades, Sanrio’s philosophy of “One World, Connecting Smiles” has reigned supreme. Consequently, the brand has created a vast array of products and experiences. These, in turn, have brought joy to people across age groups. Significantly, the partnership with MetaGaia signifies a fresh extension of this ethos. The initiative presents a thrilling new platform for fans to engage with their favorite characters.

Behind the Magic: The Innovators

Sanrio Hong Kong, a subsidiary of Sanrio Japan, is globally known for pop icon Hello Kitty. Since 1960, it has been spreading happiness with its diverse products. The offerings have reached over 130 countries, putting smiles on countless faces. On the other hand, Advokate Group is steered by MIT alumni. They bring business acumen from prominent firms like Blackstone, BlackRock, Sony-Ericsson, and Wells Fargo. They have spearheaded multiple successful blockchain applications, with MetaGaia as the flagship product.

MetaGaia is the first metaverse offering a suite of unique features. These features include AI companions, AR games, and spaces for socializing. Additionally, there are opportunities to shop for brands and buy digital assets. Lastly, top game developers from Zynga, Walt Disney, Final Fantasy, and Ismole have contributed to the platform.

In conclusion, the MetaGaia-Sanrio Hong Kong partnership marks a significant milestone. It symbolizes the unceasing evolution of the metaverse. It’s a venture that breathes life into pop culture icons in a new, vibrant digital world.

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