In the Web3 domain where hip-hop’s roots are settled firmly emerges the celebrated American rapper Earl Sweatshirt, launching an album alongside the famed record producer The Alchemist.

Today, the cherished urban musical talents finally released VOIR DIRE. Fans now have the unmissable opportunity to start purchasing the 11-track Gala Music NFT album – before it’s too late!

Quick Takes: 

  • Hip-hop icons Earl Sweatshirt and The Alchemist just dropped a rare 11-track album.
  • Fans across the globe can now start streaming and purchasing VOIR DIRE tracks through Gala Music. 
  • The Gala Music album NFTs enhance fandom through exclusive rewards, like merchandise and novel experiences.

An NFT Album of Hip-Hop Excellence

Shrouded in mystery,  VOIR DIRE first came to light through digital and real-life puzzles that had to be solved before the offering’s unveiling. Fans from around the globe combined brain power to decipher the clues as one, discovering hidden surprises, including Earl’s pop-up apparel at Los Angeles’ GOLF WANG store and other occurrences throughout America and London along the way. Community efforts have finally exposed the revelation of the new album’s existence. 

Further adding allure to the album is it following closely after Earl’s 10th anniversary of his famous album, Doris, and The Alchemist’s notable presence in the hip-hop world and beyond. Adoring the works of iconic artists such as Eminem, Freddie Gibbs, Kendrick Lamar, and, of course, Earl himself, the Gala Music NFT album offering is one not to be missed.

Gala Music is dedicated to enhancing fandom. Empowering fan experiences, the platform offers an array of opportunities to garner rewards while resonating with the artistry of cherished musicians. These accrued perks open gateways to Gala Music’s ‘All Access’ store, a symphonic trove that opens limited-edition merchandise, once-in-a-lifetime experiences, and a spectrum of extras — it’s no wonder that Jordin Sparks’ Gala Music NFTs sold out in just eight minutes. 

In essence, Earl and The Alchemist’s VOIR DIRE album celebrates hip-hop’s enriched legacy and spirited upheaval. On the other hand, Gala Music is the pathway that unites fans with these two lyrical geniuses, opening a space whereby appreciation transcends into empowerment, and love for music produces terrific experiences. So, plug into the album to enjoy the full range of beats! 

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