VeeFriends is gifting international VeeCon 2022 attendees a gold and enamel plated plaque that shows attendance, housed in a custom box

VeeFriends — in partnership with Rally — is delighted to offer a special surprise to attendees of 2022 VeeCon International. Each participant can apply to receive a complimentary 2022 VeeCon Viper Proof of Inaugural Attendance Plaque.

Quick Take: 

  • VeeFriends and Rally are gifting all international attendees of VeeCon 2022 a “VeeCon 2022 Proof of Attendance Plaque.”
  • To claim the gift, attendees must have a valid global address, use the wallet that physically attended last year’s conference, and not have participated in the VeeCon Viper fractional claim. 
  • Those eligible have just two days (until February 8, 2023) to claim the gift.

About the VeeCon 2022 Proof of Attendance Plaque

VeeFriends and Rally are gifting all VeeCon 2022 attendees a 5″x3″ plaque, plated with gold and enamel, housed in a custom box with a foam insert.

VeeFriends Help and Updates team shared the good news today via Twitter:

The 2022 VeeCon Viper Proof of Inaugural Attendance Plaque serves as proof of attendance for last year’s event and is free of charge to those eligible (shipping included).

The gift is for VeeFriends to show their appreciation for all international members. And the team “looks forward to seeing these plaques in hands around the world!”

Some VeeCon 2022 attendees enjoying Gary Vee’s presentation

How to Claim the Complementary Gift

While all those holding a scanned VeeCon 2022 ticket can initiate the claim process, only those with an international address can fully complete the claim. Therefore, they must issue a valid global address to complete the claim.

On the other hand, attendees must have used a physically present wallet at last year’s conference and not participated in the VeeCon Viper fractional claim to receive the plaque.

Note: The VeeFriends team will check all claims against those who participated in the Rally fractional ownership claim at the event. They will automatically remove any that are deemed questionable. 

Unfortunately, those who sold or purchased their tickets before or after the event are also not eligible for the plaque. 

The offer ends in two days, on January 8 at 9 am (EST). So, happy claiming!

Those with any questions can reach out to the Rally team at [email protected].

Be sure to also check what’s in line for VeeCon 2023, set to take place in May 2023!

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