The European cryptocurrency investment company CoinShares released its “Digital Asset Fund Flows Report” on February 6. The report revealed that investors are demonstrating a strong interest in digital asset investment products, with inflows totaling $76 million last week, marking the fourth consecutive week of inflows.

The research suggests that investor attitude has shifted for the beginning of 2023, with year-to-date inflows already standing at a total of $230 million. This expansion has resulted in a rise in the overall assets under management (AUM), which have just reached their highest level since the middle of August 2022, when they stood at $30.3 billion.

Bitcoin (BTC) continues to be the primary centre of investor attention, as seen by its weekly inflows of $69 million, which represent for 90% of the overall flows for the week. The United States, Canada, and Germany are the primary contributors to this increase in investment, with weekly inflows of $38 million, $25 million, and $24 million, respectively.

However, perspectives on whether or not this rise can be sustained are split, and short-Bitcoin inflows of $8.2 million have been recorded during the same time period. Despite the fact that these inflows are very tiny in comparison to long-term Bitcoin inflows, over the course of the last three weeks, they have contributed an additional 26% of the entire AUM. Despite this, the short Bitcoin trade has not garnered a significant amount of interest so far in 2018, as measured by the total assets under management for short Bitcoin declining by 9.2%.

The value of investment products based on alternative cryptocurrencies such as Solana (SOL), Cardano (ADA), and Polygon (MATIC) all saw slight losses. Ether (ETH) producers only got a total of $700,000 in inflows, despite the increasing clarity around unstaking.

Positive capital flows into products that invest in digital assets are indicative of investors’ increased optimism towards the market as a whole. Activity in alternative cryptocurrencies demonstrates, among other things, that the market for digital assets continues to be diversified and ever-evolving.

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