Jordin Sparks is making noise with Gala Music. The multi-platinum artist and American Idol winner has premiered the first exclusive track from her new trio of NFT records through the cutting-edge Web3 music company, dropping yesterday and concluding tomorrow, August 23, 2023.

Already bringing music to people’s ears, Sparks’ first song release was a hit, selling out in just eight minutes!

Quick Takes: 

  • Jordin Sparks is dropping a trio of exclusive NFT tracks via Gala Music. 
  • Sparks’ has already debuted her first track – a sell-out in just eight minutes!
  • 150 of each songs are being distributed for free, while the remaining half are for sale. 
  • Each NFT opens limited-edition perks, including exclusive merchandise and artist experiences. 

Jordin Sparks x Gala Music NFTs Pioneer a New Musical Era

Fans can tune into Sparks’ musical talents via the groundbreaking Gala Music Platform. Notably, each track is distributed as 300 NFTs, with 150 being issued as freebies and the rest up for sale. 

Owning songs on the Gala Music platform opens exclusive perks and unique rewards — all of which are easily retrievable. Beyond enticing fans solely with her voice, Sparks is rolling out an enticing giveaway, including limited-edition merchandise.

Gala Music further enhances excitement surrounding the trifecta of songs and Sparks’ quirky goods, launching exclusive artist experiences and memorabilia via its ‘All Access’ store. All fans need to do is stay engaged on the platform and snag each version of Sparks’ latest soundscapes.

Gala Music x Sparks’ innovative audio expeditions spotlight how bypassing the conventional record label pathway has its perks. Sparks can retain ownership of her tracks and share them directly with her fans, rewarding the most devoted listeners with incomparable content through Gala Music.

Shifting the tempo, Gala Music shows intense commitment, enhancing fandom and cementing its status in the music scene through top-notch NFTs and musical talents currently in the mix.

The future of music and fan engagement is fine-tuning through blockchain technology – and with electrifying 8-minute sell-outs – Gala Music is spearheading the movement. 

To learn more about the NFT drops and purchase Sparks’ most recent tunes, check out

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