Limit Break, a Web 3.0 company utilizing blockchain technology, announces a giveaway of thousands of its Dragon NFTs during Super Bowl LVII. The giveaway stands out in the NFT industry, where digital collectibles usually come with high prices.

Quick Take:

  • Limit Break, a Web 3.0 firm, is giving away thousands of its Dragon NFTs during a Super Bowl advertisement.
  • DigiDaigaku, Limit Break’s NFT token series, offers free NFTs to players which can enhance their experience in Web3 games like Castaways and Ether Orcs.
  • Multiple NFT initiatives are expected at this year’s Super Bowl event.

Limit Break Distributes Thousands of NFTs

DigiDaigaku, Limit Break’s NFT token series, offers tens of thousands of free NFTs that players own outright. These tokens enhance the player experience in Web3 games such as Castaways and Ether Orcs, which collaborate with Limit Break. This blockchain gaming model has the potential to revolutionize the industry.

To obtain a DigiDaigaku Dragon NFT, viewers need to scan a QR code featured in Limit Break’s advertisement during the first commercial break of the Super Bowl. Supplies of the free NFTs are limited, so viewers must act fast.

The mobile gaming sector, worth $300 billion globally, surpasses the combined size of the television, film, and music industries. The sector mostly operates on the free-to-play model, introduced by Limit Break’s CEO Gabriel Leydon and Halbert Nakagawa. Players can either purchase game enhancements or earn them through gameplay.

According to Limit Break CEO Gabriel Leydon, “Limit Break’s free-to-own NFT model is literally game-changing, and these asset releases are key moments building to our upcoming Super Bowl commercial.” The company has already raised $200 million since its establishment in 2021.

Moreover, the company aims for substantial growth and a global audience. In 2016, Leydon was the CEO of Machine Zone, which sponsored a memorable Super Bowl ad for its Mobile Strike game featuring Arnold Schwarzenegger. Notably, Machine Zone is also advertised by celebrities such as Kate Upton and Mariah Carey.

Multiple NFT Projects Anticipated at the Upcoming Super Bowl Event

This year’s Super Bowl also attracts multiple NFT initiatives from crypto and mainstream firms and brands. Reddit joins forces with the National Football League (NFL) to offer fans a unique opportunity. A limited number of 500,000 specially designed NFTs, referred to as Super Bowl LVII Collectible Avatars, went on sale on February 6 to commemorate the two competing teams.

Limit Break’s upcoming Super Bowl commercial is expected to be a memorable event for both fans and the industry. The free-to-own NFT model has the potential to revolutionize the industry, and Limit Break’s giveaway during the Super Bowl only adds to the excitement. Don’t miss the chance to own a free NFT during the big game.

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