In a fresh collaboration with Warner Brothers, McFarlane Toys announced an exciting venture with their latest creation, the “BATMAN YEAR 2: DESIGNED BT TODD MCFARLANE”. The new Batman NFT collection will allow them to enter into the digital realm with the first-ever DC-licensed NFT. 

Also, renowned comic artist Todd McFarlane has crafted the Batman NFT which is going to reimagine the fandom in a digital realm. 

Quick Takes:

  • McFarlane partners with Rarible for the Batman NFT.
  • Polygon Network has priced the collectibles at 70 MATIC. 
  • McFarlane combines traditional collectibles with the power of Web3.
The digital collectible is fully animated, and a few have been digitally signed by Todd McFarlane.

The All-new Batman NFT 

Batman is a well-known DC character and has an established market for its toys and collectibles. Despite that, McFarlane is now creating its name in the digital market driven by Rarible on Polygon. However, the launch of this collection is just a step into the digital sphere which is going to revolutionize the fandom. 

Adding to this, Alex Salinov, Co-Founder and Chief Strategy Office of Rarible, has expressed his excitement and shared further highlights of the collaboration. Also, the vision of the collaboration aligns with Rarible’s zeal for nurturing growth in the digital collectibles community.

The first phase of the launch, the Allowlist 1 Phase, will begin on August 3rd at 8:30 AM PT/11:30 AM ET. The second phase, the Allowlist 2 Phase, will begin on August 3rd at 9:00 AM PT/12:30 PM ET. The public phase of the launch will begin on August 3rd at 10:00 AM PT/1:00 PM ET.

A New Chapter in Batman’s Legacy with the Batman NFT

The launch of the “BATMAN YEAR 2: DESIGINED BY TODD MCFARLANE” is not only a milestone for McFarlane Toys but also for Warner Bros and Rarible. Furthermore, this exciting collection is going to take centre stage and is set to captivate Batman enthusiasts. 

Moreover, it signifies the interchange of art, innovation, and technology. The virtual Bat is not just a collectible, it is the new frontier for the Dark Knight. Besides, the NFT promises minimal gas fees to reach a wider audience and is bearing the personal signature of McFarlane. These personal signatures are highly-sought and speak of their uniqueness.

Set at a cost of 70 MATIC on the Polygon network, it will bring an exceptional level of authenticity. With a commitment to excellence and digital mastery as it will be available on Android apps as well.

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