Moonbirds Grails Season III is mint-ready, featuring some of the top-selling NFT artists of all time

Today has been a hot day in the NFT world as two OG NFT collections share the same minting calendar.

First, BAYC — after a little blip — launched its Dookey Dash NFT collectibles a day late. Immediately after, PROOF launched its unique digital assets – Grails Season III – for all Moonbirds holders to enjoy.

Quick Take:

  • PROOF Collective’s Grails Season III is now live.
  • The collectibles are available over the next six days for all Mint Pass holders to collect.
  • Over 20 artists of varying styles created these limited edition and curated series of artworks.
  • The list of artists includes some of the top-selling NFT artists of all time.

Grails: What Sets Season III Apart

Today, PROOF Collective unveils its highly-anticipated Grails Season III, featuring a curated selection of 20 artists from diverse backgrounds, including some of the top-selling NFT artists of all time.

Among this season’s artists are two debuting NFT creators. Although, the identities of these participating creatives will not be revealed until the end of the minting process, in seven days time.

In addition to having an impressive line-up of artists, PROOF introduces two new mechanics to the Grails experience. The first being the Edition, which features a single artwork, with 50 Editions available for each grail. These Editions will not be available once the initial 50 Grails mint.

On the other hand, the second new mechanic is the Series, which comprises a curated selection of artworks by a single artist, and has a mint capacity of 150. Interestingly, each Series features a random selection of artworks each time there’s a mint.

Nevertheless, both mints are equally as important and exciting. Moonbirds members just need to be in it to win it.

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