Moonbirds has created a ten-person council, “Proof + Moonbirds Community Council”, to improve communication between its team and holders.

  • Moonbirds has formed a “Proof + Moonbirds Community Council” comprising ten community members to enhance communication between the team and holders beyond social media platforms.
  • The council will often brainstorm ideas to address holders’ concerns and desires surrounding the NFT project.
  • In the past, the project has faced communication issues. This includes the unexpected exit of former COO Ryan Carson and the underwhelming “Nesting Rewards”, leading to a decline in its popularity.
  • Both community and Moonbirds holders hope that the new council, therefore increased communication, will help boost the project’s success.

Improving Project Communication via Community Efforts

After a worrying start to the year for Moonbirds — with a plummeting floor price and unsatisfactory roadmap deliverables — the team behind the project is taking steps to improve communication with its community, in hope to give members exactly what they want from an NFT project.

Moonbirds revealed its new community initiative on Twitter:

“We think clear, open communication between our team and our community is critical. The council is meant to go beyond Twitter and Discord to create a direct line between us and our holders”, commented Moonbirds on the Twitter thread.

As such, ten new members are joining the “Proof + Moonbirds Community Council”. All members will meet regularly with the project’s parent company, PROOF. The council will often meet in person to brainstorm ways to better the project and address concerns and desires surrounding the collection of 10,000 Ethereum NFTs.

Meet the ‘Proof + Moonbirds Community Council

Only individuals who are holders of Moonbirds NFTs were chosen to join the community. The new team includes a varied bunch: a dentist, pediatric, developer manager at Shopify, and more:

  • Marlo Johnson, a multidisciplinary artist and published author
  • Kyle Riggins, the head of sales at dGen Network
  • Cropcircle, a marketing and event planning professional
  • EBMD Crypto, a believer in PROOF’s abilities. 
  • Color Block, a traditional artist
  • Philip Yoong, a pediatric dentist
  • Drew Barman, a project founder
  • Axu.eth, a venture investor
  • Lakoz.eth, a marketer focused on strategic development
  • James Hall, a development manager at Shopify

All team members are aware of the project’s new and old issues, thus, are working hard with the PROOF team to establish better goals moving forward.

The Past and Future of Moonbirds

Many investors were disappointed when the Former COO of Moonbirds, Ryan Carson, took an unexpected exit from the NFT project. Not helping matters, holders then found the highly anticipated “Nesting Rewards” a letdown, which led to a decline in the project’s popularity — despite showing promising signs of overtaking Bored Ape Yacht Club in its heyday.

To satisfy community members, Moonbirds recently launched a new rewards system dubbed “Talons“, to replace its previous, unsatisfactory nesting system.

Now, community members patiently await Moonbirds’ “Diamond Rewards”, to receive a new “Mythic Egg” NFT alongside more advantages.

Increased communication to get to the bottom of what community members want could be a game-changer for Moonbirds. Collectors of the NFTs hope the community will boost the project’s success.

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