PROOF launched its “Moonbirds: Diamond Exhibition” yesterday, a collection of 10,000 digital artworks created by 12 iconic non-fungible token (NFT) artists including Beeple, Dirty Robot, and Justin Mezzell. However, the drop didn’t go as planned.

Quick Takes: 

  • PROOF launched its “Moonbirds: Diamond Exhibition” yesterday. The drop showcased 10,000 digital artworks by renowned NFT artists.
  • Priority members were left unsatisfied due to a lack of variety in the artworks. This prompted the Moonbirds team to offer a reshuffle solution via a smart contract dubbed “Odd God”.
  • The reshuffle allows users to deposit their Diamond Exhibition art to receive new pieces that were not part of the original collection.

Delving into the ‘Odd God’ Reshuffle 

The team behind Moonbirds, PROOF, launched “Moonbirds: Diamond Exhibition” yesterday. All holders with the “Diamond Nest” status could participate in the drop. However, those involved were left unsatisfied, with members taking to Twitter to announce there wasn’t enough “variety in the artworks”.

To solve matters, Moonbirds offered a reshuffle solution dubbed “OddGod” shortly afterward, to present dissatisfied members with different art:

To achieve such goals, Moonbirds designed a new smart contract that enables users to deposit their Diamond Exhibition artworks, receiving a reshuffled piece in return — separate from the original collection.

Once the reshuffle is complete, the Diamond Exhibition mint will reopen for Diamond Nested birds and Mint Pass holders.

More updates will be available soon, representing PROOF’s commitment to resolving the issue and customer satisfaction.

The team behind the pixelated owl NFTs also recently created “Proof + Moonbirds Community Council”, to improve communication between its team and holders.

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