National Geographic recently announced that it would release its inaugural NFT collection in collaboration with the NFT platform and web3 studio, Snowcrash.

Quick Take:

  • The “GM: Daybreak Around The World” National Geographic Genesis NFT collection will release on January 17.
  • National Geographic NFT’s first edition shows the organization’s commitment to innovative storytelling for 135 years.
  • Collectors can buy NFTs with credit cards even if they don’t own cryptocurrencies. 

The collection includes 16 images of the break of dawn from throughout the globe. National Geo’s digital artists and photographers took all of the photos.

Some of the artists on the list are Mia Forrest, Delphine Diallo, Jimmy Chin, Yagazie Emezi, Justin Aversano, and Kris Graves.

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What exactly is the NFT collection from National Geographic?

“GM: Daybreak Around the World,” is the title of the NFT collection which will release on January 17, 2023. It features 16 National Geographic digital artists and photographers capturing sunrise worldwide. In addition, the collection will include 1888 NFTs to honor National Geographic’s 135th anniversary.

The photographs in the collection vary from Mount Everest peaks to the beaches of Byron Bay, Australia, and coastal Oregon. Aaron Huey even captured a crack of dawn in the metaverse. In short, each artist uses their pictures to convey a distinct tale. While some chose the standard documentary photographic route, others examined the narrative options per the theme.

What Artists Will be Participating?

The NFT collection is the work of 16 National Geographic artists and photographers. Some of the creators are Yagazie Emezi. Jimmy Chin, Justin Aversano, and Delphine Diallo. Others on the list include John Knopf, Aaron Huey, Mia Forrest, Kris Graves, Ioulex, and Cristina Mittermeier. The remaining artists on the list are Ben Strauss, Tara Workman, Renan Ozturk, Reuben Wu, Cath Simard, and Michael Yamashita.

National Geographic’s NFT Debut

National Geographic is transferring its more than a century-old tradition to the Web3 world with its initial NFT collection. The organization takes the initiative to strengthen its creative community while exploring new storytelling approaches.

Each participating photographer will drop 118 editions of their photograph on the Polygon blockchain. The secondary sale will start 48 hours after the primary sale. Snowcrash will begin the NFT Reveal 48 hours after the start of minting or 5 hours after they’ve sold out.

Those interested in purchasing NFTs may use a credit or debit card; no crypto wallet is required. Lastly, Snowcrash and National Geographic will be putting out more information in the coming days.

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