Nike teases kicking into a ‘Sneakerhunt’ experience in Epic Games‘ reputable game, Fortnite, representing a significant opportunity for Web3 adoption among mainstream gamers.

Quick Takes: 

  • Nike teases a new adventure dubbed Sneakerhunt via a tweet, showcasing Fortnite and Nike’s Air Max logo in a video.
  • The Sneakhunt ‘Airphoria’ hints at potential NFT integration due to the preview showcasing Nike’s .SWOOSH logo.
  • Speculation also arises about the possible use of Fortnite Creative 2.0 and Unreal Engine.

Nike’s Fortnite ‘Sneakerhunt’ 

Dropping a tantalizing hint about commencing a new game dubbed Sneakerhunt on June 20, Nike tweeted a brief video showcasing the prominent logos of Fortnite and Nike’s Air Max against a canvas of fluffy clouds.

The video then transitions to make the name of the hunt, ‘Airphoria’, known. Meanwhile, displaying the logo of Nike’s Web3 project .SWOOSH and Epic Games’ Unreal Engine logo to further build excitement among fans:

Although details of the hunt are scarce, fans speculate that the game is NFT-related, following the video playfully taunting Web3 fans with .SWOOSH’s brand signature.

What’s more, enthusiasts ponder whether or not the hunt will integrate Fortnite Creative 2.0. If so, gamers can create virtual island game maps using Fortnite assets, presenting a likeness to ROBLOX‘s game creation feature.

Nike’s Web3 Stance

Nike’s devoted Web3 vision already actively integrates NFTs into the gaming landscape. In a notable announcement on June 1, .SWOOSH exposed roadmaps for NFT integration in EA Sports.

Fusing its fashion brand into the virtual gaming world, it’s apparent that Nike’s mission is to create immersive interactions for its fanbase using blockchain technology.

As Nike’s gaming exploration continues, anticipation builds over its Fortnite collaboration, signifying yet another milestone in crypto gaming.

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