Several months after launching its Web3 community platform .Swoosh, Nike is set to release its first batch of NFT digital sneakers on the platform.

Quick Takes:

  • Nike is debuting its first NFT drop, OurForce1 (OF1), to select .Swoosh community members tomorrow.
  • OF1 will include two varieties of digital sneaker boxes — Classic Remix and New Wave — inspired by Nike Air Force 1s.
  • The digital sneakers will be for sale for $19.82 on .Swoosh on May 10, and Nike will add an undisclosed number of customized AF1s to the boxes over time.
  • The platform will not accept cryptocurrency as payment.

About Nike’s Virtual Sneakers

As a tribute to its iconic Nike Air Force 1 (AF1) sneakers, Nike is releasing a collection of virtual AF1 NFTs to .Swoosh community members tomorrow.

To kickstart the launch, the footwear behemoth took to Twitter to announce the good news:

The OF1 drop will include two types of digital sneaker boxes: Classic Remix and New Wave. Classic Remix boxes are virtual kicks inspired by AF1 sneakers, released between 1982 and 2006. On the other foot, New Wave boxes feature pairs of sneakers designed in 2007 and later.

Additionally to the virtual kicks, customized AF1s with a “nostalgic twist” will be shared among the Classic Remix boxes. Other custom AF1s with a “futuristic twist” will also distribute with the New Wave boxes.

How to Purchase Sneaker Boxes on .Swoosh

Those wanting to purchase virtual sneaker boxes must fork out $19.82 USD on .Swoosh on May 10. Note: the platform does not accept cryptocurrency as payments for the NFTs – only fiat.

However, Nike will begin airdropping virtual AF1 posters to lucky .Swoosh members that unlock OF1 box NFTs tomorrow. Members who receive these posters can then mint the OF1 boxes on May 8.

Details about which virtual shoe design holders will receive remain intentionally vague.

There is also no limit on the number of Our Force 1 (OF1) NFTs available for minting.

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