OneOf is rocking a reunion with Globe to present Web3 enthusiasts with a trip down memory lane. This time, providing vintage Rolling Stones slides. Collectors can own snaps of the iconic rock band from the ’60s to the Eclectic ’90s. Better still, they can use blockchain technology to prove authenticity of their new artworks.

Quick Takes:

  • Globe and OneOf reunite to offer vintage Rolling Stones slides, combining rock history with blockchain technology for authenticity verification.
  • The collectibles include 40 unique snapshots of the legendary band, each encased in an acrylic frame with an NFC tag and a digital certificate of authenticity (DCAO) to represent exclusivity.
  • Sales for the collectibles take place in three stages. Prices will range from $199 to $300, making these iconic moments accessible to OneOf community members before the general public.

Revealing OneOf’s Rolling Stones Collectibles

OneOf’s new blockchain release will present 40 snapshots of the Rolling Stones strutting (or singing) their stuff. Starting April 11, fans of the rock band can own vintage slides that represent the legends from back in the day.

OneOf took to Twitter to announce its excitement of the upcoming launch:

Each of these physical images come encased in an acrylic frame and equipped with an NFC tag. Moreover, they come complete with a digital certificate of authenticity (DCAO). This represents exclusivity of each one-of-a-kind slide.

Buyers are able to easily authenticate their collectibles. All they need to do is scan the NFC tags using the smartphone app, which displays the DCOA in the default web browser.

Rock Exclusive Rolling Stones Memorabilia

The sale will occur throughout three stages. The initial release will start on April 11 at 3 pm (ET). This is when the first 20 slides will be available for $199 each, for OnePass holders only.

Then, a public pre-sale will commence on April 13 at 3 pm (ET), presenting the next 20 slides at $250 apiece for OneOf community members.

Lastly, the general sale, which is open to everyone, is scheduled for April 20 at 3 pm (ET), featuring all (if any) remaining pieces from the previous sales. This time, at $300 each.

OneOf takes pride in its identity as a mass-consumer Web3 project. Connecting iconic brands, artists, and athletes to their fan bases via NFTs, the mass-consumer Web3 company fosters unique connections.

The company’s recent acquisition of Tap Network, a Web3 rewards platform, further supports enterprise clients in adopting Web3 strategies.

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