The forerunner in the world of NFT marketplacesOpenSea, announced on Tuesday that it’s diving into uncharted waters by launching OpenSea Pro. The unveiling of this upgrade comes as a response to the rise of its rival, Blur, which has been riding a wave of success over token rewards — despite wash trading concerns.

Quick Takes: 

  • OpenSea Pro debuts in response to Blur’s success. The new platforms offers professional trading tools, a 0% fee structure, and access to 170 marketplaces for “the best deals”.
  • Furthermore, it provides advanced features like floor sweeping, inventory management, gas fee  optimization, and mobile accessibility.
  • Following competition with Blur, the traditional OpenSea platform will continue focusing on tools and improvements for retail creators and traders.

Critical Advantages of OpenSea Pro 

Gem v2‘s expertise has aided in developing OpenSea Pro, OpenSea’s latest offering. The traditional marketplace version acquired Gem in April 2022 to introduce professional trading features to users.

Consequently, OpenSea Pro includes a 0% fee structure and draws listings from 170 secondary marketplaces. Therefore, the platform ensures only the best deals for its traders.

The professional version of the marketplace offers traders “floor sweeping”, inventory management, quick sales, gas fee optimization for more efficient transactions, a watchlist feature, and much more.

Moreover, to gain more customers, it’s offering an early access reward:

This new platform will also be easily accessible on mobile devices. Thus, users can make hassle-free and secure trades on the go.

Rivalry Between OpenSea and Blur 

The battle for NFT trading market share between Blur and OpenSea has continued since the zero-fee platform launched in October. This recently prompted OpenSea to lower fees and modify creator royalties to win back its target market.

Following the launch of OpenSea Pro, the platform revealed it would reinstate a 2.5% fee on its leading platform. Although, the older version of the marketplace will still focus on delivering tools and enhancements for retail creators and traders — like working on more collaborations, primary drops, and smart contract standards.

OpenSea will also continue implementing exciting features that make it easy for novice (and professional) traders to discover and buy NFTs with added benefits.

Although, whoever wants to graduate with professional experience can check out the newer platform on the block for added advantages.

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