American magazine, Playboy, are hoping to launch their ‘MetaMansion’ virtual world in the metaverse this year, according to a DeCrypt interview with the company’s web3 lead, Liz Suman.

Quick Takes

  • Playboy Magazine are hoping to launch MetaMansion this year.
  • The company are fans of web3, launching collections in the past.
  • In 2020, the last year they released a print magazine, the company generated over $100 million.

It has been confirmed by the magazine’s Web3 Lead, Liz Suman, that they plan to launch a metaverse experience called ‘MetaMansion’ at some point this year.

Those who purchased one of the magazine’s previous NFTs, Rabbitars, will receive priority access upon launch, alongside The Sandbox LAND owners. However, there should apparently still be opportunity for others to see and visit the virtual mansion too.

Suman described the mansion as the company’s “north star” when it comes to web3 and NFTs – similarly to how the mansion has been in the physical world.

Their plans were announced last year as a collaboration with Animoca Brands, the company behind The Sandbox, where the mansion will be. However, it is only now that a rough timescale has been confirmed – with an exact date to be announced. At first, according to Animoca, a LAND sale was expected in Q4 of 2022. However, there was no word on that at the time, or since.

Speaking to DeCrypt, Suman said: “There’s a real opportunity for storytelling that is not traditional. To me, that’s what’s interesting.”

Playboy’s NFT Moves So Far

So far, including this one, Playboy have made three major moves within the NFT industry.

Their first, titled ‘Liquid Summer’, was a collaboration with artist Slimesunday, and it launched in early 2021. ‘Liquid Summer’ reimagined work from the magazine’s ten million-strong archive of content, turning it into NFTs for the first time. Upon launch, it sold out in under three minutes. Currently, the floor price of the 195-piece collection on OpenSea is 3.69 ETH. The last prominent secondary sales came three months ago.

Later in the same year, they launched their debut avatar collection – ‘Rabbitars’, which has continued to be their central point for NFTs and building a web3 community. It is owners of NFTs from this project who are expected to receive special benefits upon the launch of ‘MetaMansion’. The collection, which has over 11,000 avatars, has a current floor price of 0.05 ETH on OpenSea. With this one, there are more consistent sales occurring daily.

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