This week, Polygon introduced an extension for Web3 domain names – .polygon. Such personal identities, akin to .eth domains on Ethereum, are created to streamline the user experience for Polygon customers. As a result, all 180 users can purchase their very own via Unstoppable Domains starting tomorrow.

Quick Takes: 

  • Polygon partners with Unstoppable Domains to introduce .polygon domain names, which will launch tomorrow. 
  • .polygon will grant access to over 750 integrated apps and eliminate the need for complicated wallet addresses and passwords.
  • Domain names are also helpful in establishing digital identities across chains, simplifying website navigation, and launching memorable addresses.

The Need for Domain Names

Web3 domains better the user experience of those in the Web3 world. Instead of relying on randomized, long strings of letters and numbers for public addresses, Web3 domains allow for the use of memorable addresses, like “blockchain.eth” on Ethereum or “nftbuyer.polygon” on (you guessed it) Polygon.

Besides simplifying website navigation, such domains also play a crucial role in establishing digital identities. For example, by using a .eth or .polygon domain, users can associate themselves with their favorite blockchains, which shows a distinct presence within the Web3 realm.

As a result, major brands are making significant investments to secure personal domains — further exemplifying its significance. To put desirability into perspective, Paradigm acquired the rights to paradigm.eth for more than $1.5 million in October 2021.

Following the popularity of .eth, Telegram also integrated domain names on its social app back in September 2022.

Polygon’s Partnership With Unstoppable Domains 

To create .polygon digital identities, the blockchain network has partnered with Unstoppable Domains.

Yesterday, the San Francisco-based company that connects Web2 to Web3 through the use of blockchain domains shared the good news on Twitter:

Such domain names will grant more than 750 integrated apps access to Unstoppable Domains, making the login process faster by eliminating the need for complicated wallet addresses and passwords.

Sales of these names also present new opportunities for Polygon users to demonstrate their support for the fast-growing Layer2 blockchain and create a new digital identity.

Have a name idea? Get first pickings tomorrow on Unstoppable Domains, before it gets snapped up! Get 25% off within the first 48 hours:

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